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What is your favorite beauty tip to share?

We all have a favorite beauty tip … maybe it is something passed on from your mom or your best friend. Or, maybe you are a professional makeup artist. Please share your BEST beauty tip with all us beauty-addicts.

Here is our favorite tip this month:

If you are out with a snagged nail but tragically without a nail file in your purse, grab a box of matches and use the ignition strip. For at home we recommend Revlon’s new File-N-Smooth Nail File. It has a unique 2 way stainless steel surface designed for back and forth filing without damaging your nails. It may be pricier than an emery board, but it has a lifetime guarantee and germaphobes will appreciate that you clean the file and reuse!

4 Responses to:

“What is your favorite beauty tip to share?”

  1. ashely says:

    wash your face before you put on your mascara so your eyelashes will already be separated perfectly!

  2. Stephanie says:

    That sounds great. I have been using the cheap ones i can get at the store and my nails are lovely and long but they are super sensitive. Generally they split if i get a manicure unless i do it myself i bet one of these board works great! Good idea.

    my beauty tip. Once in awhile i get out of the shower and i put baby oil all over and let it soak. It is good for sensitive skin and it makes your skin so very soft. Showering and bathing is stripping oils from your skin. doing this gives it a protective barrier and keeps it from itching as it drys out.

  3. Jessica says:

    If you want your nail polish to last longer on nails. Before applying nail polish soak you finger nails in vinegar for 5mins or more,than apply nail polish.

  4. Injury to says:

    Thanks regarding dropping that will link yet unfortunately this looks to get down? Anybody have a very mirror?

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