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CoverGirl TRUcheeks Blush

We are fans of the CoverGirl TRUblend line, which is a line of cosmetics that adjust to go with your skin tone. Once you know what your foundation is, there are corresponding concealers, pressed powders, and blushes marked with the same number as your foundation. It eliminates the amount of time many of us spend in the drugstore aisle staring at products and trying to figure out the right shades. TRUcheeks blush has a palette of 3 complementary colors that are meant to be mixed to get the perfect shade you want. However, if you’re like us and like a contoured look, you can you use the lightest color to highlight your cheek bones, the mid-color for the apples of your cheeks, and the darkest color for the hollow of your cheek.

6 Responses to:

“CoverGirl TRUcheeks Blush”

  1. Saroun says:

    Covergirl is my top favorite products. They have many variety and now seeing this, I really want to get it. Thank you for the review

  2. Amy Ruschmeier-Spiess says:

    Awesome tip for the contoured look…thanks! 🙂

  3. Misty Ramos says:

    I love covergirl makeup!!!

  4. Jo says:

    Yes we need easier ways to match all the layers of our make-up to create a natural look! Love your site!!

  5. Mary Di Valerio says:

    Awesome idea of using it for a contoured look! Thanks!

  6. Bridal dress says:

    This is very interesting content on this subject. I like the way you back up your information with solid thoughts. Your content is very well laid out and clearly researched.

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