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Contest of the Week – Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

eraseIt makes sense that beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. This week, we are giving away Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner which help restore moisture to dry scalp. To enter to win, just comment below with your best healthy scalp tip.

Here’s ours: Not only can the sun damage your hair, it can also affect the scalp (especially for those with thin hair). Part your hair and use spray sunblock on your scalp before going out for a day in the sun.

One winner will be chosen by 6/12/2013 and notified by email 6/19/2013. U.S. residents only. Odds of winning are 1 out of the number of comments on this blog post.

20 Responses to:

“Contest of the Week – Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner”

  1. Shana S says:

    I recently read that giving your scalp a massage with ginseng extract and jojoba oil helps to stimulate blood flow and prompts the growth of new hair! Not sure if it works, but it’s worth a try…

  2. Liz says:

    Be gentle, but through when cleansing your scalp.

  3. lisa mcfarland says:

    make sure to rinse all the shampoo out of your hair

  4. ribbie says:

    I love the way this product leaves my hair so healthy and soft.

  5. Mary W says:

    Wear a hat when ever you go outside A hat keeps the wind from drying out your hair or the sun from damaging your scalp.

  6. Cindy G says:

    When washing your hair gently massage the shampoo into your scalp – not to hard and don’t use your nails.

  7. Janice Ivy says:

    I read that giving your scalp a massage with oil help.

  8. Susan P. says:

    Don’t shampoo every day to keep the natural oils.

  9. Gloria Gutierrez-Medina says:

    Gloria Gutierrez-Medina

    I try to limit the amount of conditioner I put on my hair.

  10. Kristina Vieweg says:

    Massaging your scalp with melted coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil is so invigorating and it clears and moisturizers scalp and hair!

  11. Sherry B. says:

    Wear a hat or use sunscreen on your scalp whenever you are out in the sun. Scalps can get skin cancer, too! I am a melanoma survivor, so trust me when I say how important this is.

  12. Mayyra H. says:

    I don’t even know what products to use nowadays because no matter what I use, my hair is still dry && horrible.

  13. admin says:

    Mayyra if your hair is extremely dry this won’t give you enough moisture. Try Fekkai products with shea butter.

  14. Emily says:

    Don’t shampoo everyday, protect from heat, and get regular haircuts.

  15. J Kim says:

    I like to make sure I massage my scalp whenever I shampoo. That helps get roots clean as well as increase blood flow.

  16. Phoenix says:

    Always wear a hat or sit in the shade if you’re going to be outside for extended periods on sunny days. I’ve had a scalp burn, & it’s not pleasant!

  17. Lisa Kerr says:

    I always give my hair & scalp a cool water final rinse! Thank you for the chance to win these wonderful products:)

  18. Great tips! I massage my scalp with tea tree oil

  19. kaitlyn says:

    Don’t wash your hair too often, strips your hair and may become more dry.

  20. Lynette Grim says:

    Love this shampoo!

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