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5 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

laHave some bad habits that you’d like to get rid of for 2014? Here are some beauty resolutions you can add to your list.

1.        No more going to bed with makeup.

With makeup removing towelettes, it’s easier than ever to keep this promise. It’s not just makeup clogging your pores that’s the problem, it’s also the free radicals that get even more time to attack your skin since you haven’t washed the impurities from your face.

2.        Cut down on the heat.

So, it’s unlikely for most women to avoid heat styling altogether. But there a few ways you can cut down on singeing your hair. After washing, allow your hair to dry almost all the way before blow drying. Even better? Let your hair dry in a bun and then flat iron. For optimum straightness, gently pull your hair straight before flat ironing. And use a heat protectant spray every time you go to use your curling or flat irons.

3.         Protect your nails.

When your nails absorb water, they get weak. This makes washing dishes and cleaning a huge obstacle for having healthy nails. Buy a couple of pairs of cleaning gloves, one for the house and one for dishes, and keep your nails dry. Gel nails are amazing but can wreak havoc to your nails if you don’t remove them properly. Whatever you do, do not peel them off. Instead, use a nail file to buff away the top layer of gel so your nail polish remover can penetrate quicker. This is also helpful because your nails won’t be soaking in acetone for too long when you’ve buffed away the gel nail seal.

4.       Stop over-exfoliating.

With rotating cleansing brushes, cleansings sponges, scrubs, and cleansers with salicylic or glycolic acid, you may be exfoliating way too frequently. By over-exfoliating, you go beyond dead skin cells and interfere with the ability of your skin’s protective barrier to function properly. 1-2 times a week is all you need. Give your skin a chance to heal from the scrubbing and get benefits. If you’re looking for a deeper clean, many of the newer cleansers available right now are quite thorough without scrubbing.

5.       Avoid using dirty makeup on a clean face

If you’re touching up your makeup with a compact and putting the sponge or brush back in the makeup after you’ve used it, you’re putting dirt back into your makeup. Only use makeup on a clean face. To make it last longer, use primers and makeup setting sprays instead of reapplying. Otherwise swipe with a makeup removing towelette before retouching. Also, your tools have to be clean. Keep your makeup brushes, including your eyeshadow brushes clean. Sensitive skin? Wash your brushes with your face wash. Also spray your eye and lip pencils with alcohol every now and then. When you keep everything that touches your face clean, you’ll find you have way less blemishes.

3 Responses to:

“5 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions”

  1. maraina b says:

    Great tips.

  2. Liz says:

    #3 and #5 are my favorite tips. Those I need to put to use.

  3. mariem says:

    i need to back off on exfoliating, i think.

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