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Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

eraseThe look of lip gloss is pretty much the same regardless of the brand. Where you really feel the difference is the feel of the lip gloss and how long it lasts. At $16, Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss is a bit more expensive than drug store brands. However, it goes on nicely and isn’t annoyingly sticky. We tried the Sugarbomb shade, which we imagine would be flattering on most skin tones.

Tip: Instead of reapplying lipstick, just put on lipstick in the morning and then add lip gloss throughout the day as needed. The lipstick will give you a great base of color to start with, and you won’t get a cakey look from a bunch of touch ups.

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“Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss”

  1. Lindsey Kish says:

    Thanks for the review I was looking at this last weekend at sephora I tried it I loved it but I can never get everything I wantedit’s to expensive to. I settled for the mascara 🙁 lol that’s a great mascara tho “they’re real” & my origins face wash and for the20$it costs it lasts and is an awesome cleanser!! I use drugstore lippies I have gotten a new gloss in awhile but nuetrogena in the shade “whisper” is fantastic!! U gotta try it it’s not sticky n goes on like butter. It’s the one with a wand I’m not sure if there’s a certain name for it but for years it’s all I used very neutral great for all tones!! Lookin forward to more reviews 🙂 oh for the giveaway Im giving you my zip n my name and email is above. I’m a Philly girl 19138 and is commenting on all of the other blog’s to .my left involved? I would talk anyways tho I love this bloggging stuff now totally hooked and I tread so many but didn’t comment lol…guess I’ll go back anything else I can do ltd me kno sorry for the typos my phone sucks
    Such a fan!!

  2. Liz says:

    I find myself being drawn away from glosses; they seem less work appropriate.

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