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How Your Habits Could Add Years to Your Age    

How you will feel and look when you age is determined by the things that you do today. It is always important to note that prevention is key to looking good during your old age. But if you want to do that, you need to make healthier choices now.
Oftentimes, we focus on the most obvious factors of aging: diet, skincare and lifestyle choices. But what we fail to understand is that there are small things that we do that can hasten the aging process of our skin. What are they?
Crash dieting
Are you prepping for a friend’s wedding (or your own wedding) or for the summer season? You would want to get rid of the excess fat that you have gained all throughout the winter season. As we all like to procrastinate, you may surely choose to go on a crash diet for a few weeks than to eat a balanced diet for a few months.
But did you know that crash dieting is not good for both your health and skin? When you deprive your body of the nutrition it needs, your energy levels will be reduced, making you feel and look older. It may also mess up with focus and concentration and at the same time, lower your mood levels.
With the sudden loss of weight that is associated with crash dieting, it is possible that your skin will exhibit wrinkles. The sudden loss of fats may also lead to skin sagging.
Chewing gum
Gum chewing may seem harmless, and it may be a great distraction from your boredom but did you know that too much gum chewing may promote the appearance of certain types of signs of aging?
The act of chewing gum uses plenty of muscles and may also create marks on the skin around your lips, forming the unwanted sign of aging called perioral wrinkles. Other experts claim that it may also cause other unfavorable issues in the structure of your mouth so please, try to give up your gum chewing habit.
Picking the skin
Picking on our skin has become quite a habit for many people. That is understandable, especially if you are dealing with a highly annoying skin condition like acne or dry skin. But picking on your zit or any other blemish on your skin may do more harm than good.
Picking on your zit may further exacerbate your skin’s condition as it may cause severe infection and worse, acne breakout. In addition to that, you are creating damage to your skin every time you pick or pull at it. This damage may lead to scarring, skin irritation and even, wrinkles.
Rubbing your eyes
Do you feel sleepy and tired all the time? Do you usually rub your eyes because it is itchy and dry? While rubbing your eyes may seem like a harmless thing to do, doing it can lead to a plethora of signs of aging.
When you pull and tug at your eyes, there is a high tendency that you can break the tiny capillaries that surrounds the eyes. These broken capillaries will show under the skin surrounding the eye area which leads to one of the most common signs of aging-dark circles. In addition to that, the pulling and tugging of the skin may also cause wrinkles. That is a combination that you would never want to deal with.
Overdoing your skincare routine
Yes, taking good care of your skin means that you have to establish a good beauty routine. If you wish to protect your skin from aging signs, then you would surely be tempted to go beyond the tone-cleanse- moisturize and exfoliate routine.
There is no harm in adding a few anti-aging serums and hydrating masks to the list but try not to go overboard with your skincare routine. Applying too much of the product won’t boost the product’s effectiveness. Instead, it may clog the pores which may result in an acne breakout. It may also promote blotchy complexion and skin dullness. In addition to that, using too many products may lead to skin dryness which may pave the way to the development of other types of aging.
Stretching your skin when applying makeup
Many people do this so how can this be harmless, right? For your information, this simple act is frowned upon in the beauty industry and is considered to be a big no-no.
Avoid stretching your eyes so you can easily put on your eyeliner. Also, stop opening your lips too wide so that you can perfectly apply your lipstick. Too much stretching of your skin over time may lead to the formation of wrinkles.
Taking long, Hot baths
There is nothing more relaxing than having a long, hot bath after a long day at work. But no matter how relaxing it can be, you should avoid it. The heat may be relaxing to your muscles, but it can be extremely drying to your skin.
Hot water can strip your skin of the natural oils that it has to stay healthy and moisturized. When you bathe with hot water for a long time, your skin will turn dry, and it may get itchy. That is why it is important you keep your showers cold and short.
Pouting for selfies
At this day and age, who hasn’t pouted for a selfie, right? While pouting can help make you look thinner and more gorgeous, it can be detrimental to your skin’s appearance in the long run.
All that pouting and puckering can age the skin around your mouth so the next time you take a selfie, think of the possible wrinkle formation around your mouth before you pout.
If you wish to look young and healthy even at your old age, then we recommend that you pay attention to your habits. Get rid of these bad habits that are adding years to your age, and you will surely be able to age as gracefully as possible.
If you no longer like what you see in the mirror, then you need to evaluate your daily routines so you can determine what you are doing wrong.

Author Bio:
Author: Angina Berryz

Angina has completed her M.A. in literature. She is a skincare and beauty expert who is passionate to share insights related to beauty and skin care with the readers. She is been working in this niche for 5 years. Her passion is to help people to make the correct selection when it comes to skincare.

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