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How To Ensure Your Makeup Remains Fab Whilst In The Heat

It’s hard to think of the last time we’ve had a summer like this. Normally, a ray of sunshine that peaks through the clouds and there are complaints within minutes, but nobody probably expected this. It’s crazy to think that a summer wardrobe for summer 2018 had to be maintained for once and we find ourselves slowly running out of t-shirts and shorts to wear. It seems like the gorgeous weather is here to stay for awhile and with that disaster is sure to be just around the corner, sweat patches and melting make-up just to name a few. So, here are a few tips to keep you looking fresh and glowing in the summer sun.

Use Oil Free Products
There are many products out there that use oil for the base layer to apply makeup. It normally looks great for providing a silky texture to your makeup and provides extra hydration to the skin, however, in the heat it can cause makeup to easily slide off your face from the sweat build up that’s caused. If you can, try to look out for the information on the makeup packaging to check it’s oil free and less likely to spill from your face. Any skincare products that you use before applying makeup should be as light as they can possibly be.

Try Waterproof Makeup
The isn’t an ideal suggestion considering the effort it takes to remove the makeup and it runs the risk of leaving eyes quite sensitive. It can be a bit of a life saver for the times when it’s extremely warm and you’re looking for any way to keep your makeup on your face. There are plenty of products out there now that apply ingredients so that makeup can last for long. Everything ranging from foundations to powders and concealers to blushers, they’ve almost become sweat resistant.

Invest In Setting Spray
If there’s one way you can definitely make sure that your makeup can set then it’ll be through setting spray. It can help to maintain the makeup and make sure that it’s less likely to slide off your face. Alternatively, look out for blotting paper which is a really effective way to prevent too much moisture making contact with your makeup and keeps your face looking refreshed.

Don’t Go Overboard
It can be easy to get carried away with your makeup routine just so you can look perfect throughout the day, but layering on too much makeup really means there’s a greater chance of it slipping away. Just apply your makeup as light as possible and use just as much as you need. Avoid, if possible, trying to use excessive amounts of contour products as these are more likely to run down your face. Try to apply it as minimal as possible. If you really want your face to glow, just apply a bit of bronzer instead. This way your face can appear fresher and running potential is removed.

Hot weather is what everyone dreams for and despite all the makeup issues that it can cause we’re not really going to complain that it’s arrived. Accommodate your beauty routine for the sake of enjoying the Summer using these simple tips and keep looking gorgeous.

Author Bio: My name is Jamie and I’m an aspiring freelance writer. I enjoy learning about different topics and beauty is one that really intrigues me. I’ve also had previous experience with writing for fashion blogs and having work experience with surgeons that deal with cosmetic treatments as part of my University course based in the UK.

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