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Get To Know The Latest Celebrity Style
And Runway Trends

Could the models on the runway and your top young celebrity fashion icons be wearing different styles in different ways? Quite likely but, here’s what we think: the trends will look similar. When the models wear them, the styles are fresh off the runways but, when the celebrities start to wear the designs, that’s when the trends start. So, how about we look at both at the same time?

Glamorous Spring Makeovers
Still contemplating on what to fill your closets with this season? You can’t possibly watch every runway show that just unfolded in New York, Milan, London and Paris — the four most fashionable capitals in the world — to get the buzz on the latest fashion trends. Watch how your favorite celebrities are dressing up the trends and taking them to wear casually on the streets

Here are the most stylish trends to wear this Spring:

Khaki in military uniform is good but, khaki in softer materials that flow naturally an glide more softly on your skin will look and feel cooler on your skin in the warmer months. Miu Miu’s button-down khaki is an inspiration, most especially when paired with high waist bloomers like the one Gigi Hadid wore on the runway. Add a more feminine flair to your khaki style by getting inspired with a full outfit khaki creation from Sonia Rykiel.

This season is seeing plenty of comebacks from decades past — 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, to be exact. For a chic, vintage personality, get inspired by the fashionable, absolutely wearable outfits from Chanel and Miu Miu. If you like Emma Stone’s dainty, pale yellow dress at the Toronto Film Fest, this is the perfect season to rock her tea time look. Get bright and vibrant as you wear your vintage, old Hollywood glam this season.

Your must-have vintage items: playful and colorful step in shoes, geometrically printed and oversized bandanas, neon colored sunglasses, dainty head pieces, pearls, large wooden flower earrings and necklaces, and a dainty white or pastel colored headband. Don’t forget to match the vibrant colors this season with a fairer, glowing skin. A Cosmelan treatment can help you achieve that.

Soles With Fur
Add more luxury to your regular flats and loafers with a fur accent. The trend is generally credited to the addition of fur heels on the classic loafers by Gucci. Another trend, the pompom shoes, uses the fur ball as an accent from any pair of shoes that range from creepers to ankle boots to ballet shoes to stilettos.

Soles With Accents
Luxury and style for your soles do not end with fur. Gucci takes it farther to include rhinestones on the soles of clogs and platform shoes. We’ve also seen plenty of sculpted wedge heels that make the shoes feel more like an art piece rather than a simple pair of footwear. Get inspired as well by the unique and chic random accents created by DSquared2.

Military-Inspired Outfits
Other than the khaki, we are also seeing plenty of pants, shirts and dresses inspired by the army and the navy this season. The duo that started it all, Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid, had pieces in navy blue shades and button accents on the sleeves and pants that channel every military creation.

One of the most comfortable footwear that you can wear this season are the combat boots. Put them on with your casual, above-the-knee-length dresses or, simply pair them with your baggy jeans that are so much a reminder of 80’s fashion. Feel free to wear this pair with your cropped and plaid pants, full-length skirts, and maxi dresses too.

Layered Spring/Summer Dresses
They’re dainty, sexy and oh-so feminine. While these trends are almost like spring and summer staples, we still couldn’t get enough of them beautiful layered, flowy dresses that add accents to your hips with every sway. Turn heads with inspiring pieces from Vilshenko Giovana, Proenza Schouler, Dolce and Gabbana, and Altuzarra.

We can tell you that the best shows this past season were those of Miu Miu, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Altuzarra, Elie Saab, and Alexander McQueen. At the end of the day though, it’s more important that you are able to match the trending designs with your own personality. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to emulate the style statements of your favorite celebrities.

Author Bio
Hi, my name is Jazz Pollard, born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois. I write on beauty, anti-aging and skincare. Living my dream career of writing. You can connect with me on FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin

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5 Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions

It has been said that our hair is our crowning glory, which basically means that it is the most notable feature we have. This is one of the reasons why most of us spend tons on hairstyling and on buying haircare products. We can’t even leave the house without doing our tresses and we hate bad hair days. But now those days are just a memory because with hair extensions, every day is great hair day.

We used to envy celebrities because of their beautiful and luscious locks. But now that extensions have become highly popular and affordable these days, it is now much easier for us to achieve their look and style. Choose the best quality product and find a trusted professional who will correctly install the extensions with zero damage and with the utmost attention to every detail.

Let’s go over the many amazing benefits of wearing hair extensions.

1. Longer Tresses
A lot of girls look incredible with short hair but it may come to a point where you get bored with it since it can be quite hard to switch hairstyles with a short mane. Some would totally prefer having long locks because there are a million ways you can style it compared to having the short length. It could also be that you have cut your hair too short and want to grow it out as soon as possible. The quickest and safest solution to that? Hair extensions.

With the help of extensions, you can achieve long gorgeous locks in an instant. You don’t even have to worry about styling since most of these products look amazing as they are even without being styled. Just keep in mind to buy a set of premium quality authentic Remy extensions which you can easily acquire from Human Hair Extensions Online.

Extensions are also perfect for all sorts of occasions, be it a wedding, a party or a date. You can change your length within a few minutes or hours depending on the type of extensions you use. You can also instantly match your hairstyle with your outfit.

2. Added Volume
If you have thin or fine tresses, you can volumize and bring life to your locks by wearing extensions. These products especially when properly installed, add volume to your flat and limp locks. You can now have that irresistible bouncy tresses that only shampoo commercial models have. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless locks and go flaunt that volume girl!

3. Bad Haircut
Going to a salon for a cut can turn into a disaster when you end up with a bad haircut. It’s a good thing that we have hair extensions to save us from such unpleasant situation. These products are considered to be hair miracles since they help you cover up a loathed haircut and could save you from other hair issues as well.

You no longer have to stay at home, hide from everyone and always wear a hat every time you go out of the house because, with your extension, you can still look totally amazing even amidst a hair trouble. Instead of crying over your new cut, get a set of human hair extensions and go show off your new and improved hairstyle.

4. Easy and Safe Hairstyling
Hairstyling tools and products will eventually take a toll on your locks especially when used every single day. You might want to slack off on using heat tools such as hair straightening irons and curlers if you want to maintain healthy locks.

Now, it will be much easier for you style your tresses the way you want to without causing any damage to your strands. There is a wide range of extension products available in the market. There are straight and curly ones, all of which are available in a variety of colors and lengths. You can seek help from an expert to help you choose the one that best suits you.

5. Switch up look in an Instant
Every wondered how celebrities get lengthy and voluminous tresses in just a matter of weeks? The secret to that is hair extensions. You can instantly switch from one look to another with the help of this amazing accessory.

If you want to dye your locks but afraid of the commitment and the possible damage dye chemicals might bring, this product is the perfect alternative to that. You can add variation to your hair color by wearing colored extensions.

Article written by Kayla McCabe.

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6 Beauty Benefits of Exercise You Need To Know

There are many reasons that can to hit the gym or start some exercises. Most of us exercise to look and feel better, lose those extra pounds, feel more confident or whip our muscles into shape. Some may even start exercising because they booked a beach vacation!

Whatever the motivations are, we all come to agree on one thing, that exercise is vital for our bodies. However, have you ever known that exercise can play a huge role in improving your beauty? Have you ever considered the powerful effects that exercise can have on your hair and skin?

Exercise has quite a number of beauty benefits it brings to the body. In this article, I shall take you through 6 beauty benefits of exercise that you should know. These should be able to strengthen your desire for exercise, and they should give you that incentive to tighten up those sneakers. And if you are looking to buy good shoes for your workout, then head over to garage gym planner for expert reviews.
Here are the beauty rewards of that extra sweat:

1. Gives Your Skin a Radiant Glow
Forget about those fancy lotions and expensive potions—exercise is one of the best ways to nourish your skin. Rather than investing on some skin treatment mask, you can try walking, jogging or hitting the gym. Our skin cells usually get their nourishment from tiny capillaries that are located deep within the inner layers of the skin.

During exercise, the heart starts thumping hard, and this increases blood circulation. Through this improved circulation, your heart then receives a generous and healthy dose of oxygenated blood. This boosts detoxification as sweat promotes toxin removal through perspiration. It also helps supply essential nutrients to the skin and stimulates cell renewal, which then revitalizes tired skin cells. This keeps your skin healthy and vibrant and imparts a healthy glow which is referred to as the post-workout glow.

2. Healthier Hair
Improved blood flow helps keep your hair stronger and healthier. This is because the hair follicles will be supplied with more nutrients, something that boosts hair growth. Apart from improving blood circulation, exercise is also a huge stress reliever. High stress levels in the body can cause hair to be brittle and in some cases, even fall out.

Regular exercise also ensures that the scalp is kept healthy and prevents pore clogging. This is by nourishing it with oxygen-rich blood which brings antioxidants to destroy free radicals before they damage your hair. A surplus benefit is that when you are doing your exercise outdoors, your hair could develop some sunlit streaks that bring a natural highlighted effect.

3. Wrinkle Lift
Exercise is also an excellent way of deterring wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. This is by revving up skin collagen production, a protein that is the support structure of the skin. It is a crucial component in thwarting wrinkles and making the skin appear healthy.

Regular exercise is also crucial in maintaining healthy levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone that can cause the collagen in the skin to break down. As we age, fibroblasts, which are the collagen producing cells in the skin, get lazier and fewer in number. However, because of proper blood circulation, these cells are provided with nutrients that keep them healthy and active. This makes your skin look younger than it definitely would without exercise. A boost in collagen helps keep the skin firm, supple and elastic.

4. Slows the aging process
As we grow older, muscular strength starts to decrease and progressively worsens at advanced ages. However, it has been shown that exercise slows the aging process.
Doing some regular exercise is a great way of blowing off tension and boosting levels of relaxing brain chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Exercise even goes as far as working on a cellular level to slow or even reverse the role that stress plays in the aging process. A study conducted in 2011 by researchers from the University of California found that stressed-out women who exercised heartily for an average of 45 minutes over a 3-day period had cells with significantly lower aging signs when compared to women who were also stressed-out, but not active.

5. Good for Your Breasts
Exercises that strengthen your pectoral muscles are a great way of toning and improving the appearance of your breasts. Additionally, research says that a consistent exercise routine can actually lower your chance of developing breast cancer by as much as 33%!
The perfect sport for this is swimming. It is however not the only exercise, and you can talk to your fitness trainer about some simple and efficient pectoral muscle exercises.

6. Acne Prevention
Acne is usually caused by an overproduction of sebum, which goes ahead and clogs the pores. It is released into the pores as a normal process, but an overproduction of the oily secretion can be dangerous. This can be caused by some hormones such as testosterone, and most significantly, stress hormone cortisol. When these two increase, they tend to increase the chances of acne.
Exercise balances the level of such hormones in the body. Additionally, it creates sweat which cleans out pores and removes toxins from the skin, which in turn prevents acne.

Plan to start some regular exercise and you’ll surely reap the beauty benefits it brings.

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Product Review: Timeless Hyaluronic Acid Serum 100% Pure

As a beauty blogger and reviewer, I’ve tried countless anti-aging products including creams, serums, scrubs and masks. I can say that without a doubt, hyaluronic acid is a wonderful ingredient to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines and skin deformations. Timeless Hyaluronic Acid Pure goes deep into your skin to moisturizer and reduce lines, wrinkles and puffiness. It is easily absorbed by the skin, and Timeless’s formula contains more of the active ingredient than most other products – and doesn’t have all those added fillers. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to fight wrinkles, lines, under eye bags, puffiness and other skin flaws, this is the product you should try next! It just may be the last one you need to try.

Product: Timeless Hyaluronic Acid Pure

Description: “Our best selling serum is formulated with hyaluronic acid, one the most powerful hydrating and moisturizing ingredients on the market today. Holds up to 1000 times its weight in water! We use a 1% formula, which is twice the amount of hyaluronic acid that is used in other formulas.” – From the Timeless Skin Care website

Price: $8.95

Where to purchase:

5 out of 5


5 Amazing Fashion Trends You Should Try Out This Spring Season

Whereas fall and winter are commonly characterized as gloomy, and indeed many are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorders (SADs) around these times of the year, spring and summer which are associated with warm social gatherings, are fast approaching. Have you any idea what to shop for yet?

What to wear this spring
Make sure that you are making trendy fashion statements and spending your clothing budget well with the list of spring fashion trends enumerated below. Also, keep in mind that it is good to keep to simple choices but, a few luxurious pieces should help you put together statement outfits. “Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress,” one of the most respected names in the fashion industry, Karl Lagerfeld, would say.

Here are the five fashion trends that will bring hints of luxury to your spring styling:
1. Metallics
We’ve been seeing this trend loved season after season in the past year. Whereas past seasons would generally lean over the metallics in silver and gold, this season we’ll love the metallics more subtly fused into our clothes in metallic threads. We are also seeing the proliferation of full clothes in metallic pastel shades, following the epic showing at the Elie Saab runway. The show revealed maxi dresses in halter neck cuts and kimono-inspired designs.

2. Furry-licious Footwear
Pompom shoes, so termed because of the fur balls that highlight the shoe design, whether these are ballerinas, stilettos or, trainers, will be big — or, should we say, it already is. The rich, soft feel of fur adds class to your wardrobe. Gucci takes fur so much farther with the addition of fur to its classic loafers. If you care to know, Gigi Hadid has been spotted wearing a pair. She owns the kind with prints on them and sold out as of press time.

3. Floral Skull Caps
Vintage and tasteful, we love how these accessories were incorporated on both casual bow-front collared sheer dresses and swimwear at the Miu Miu show. Inspired by the 50s, Miu Miu updates the look by arranging sculpted flower pieces to form this accessory. Oh, and did we tell you that these accessories come in vibrant shades of bright blue and neon greens.

When these pieces therefore are used on the face, it will highlight your facial skin. Let this trend watch serve as a warning to prompt you to brighten your skin. If you want fast results, check out clinic-based procedures like Cosmelan. This procedure does not use hydroquinone, a skin whitening active ingredient that is considered a suspected carcinogen.

4. Embroidery
From the leather and denim jackets designed with floral patterns to the sheer, flowy dresses accented with beautiful embroidered designs, this trend is showcasing our favorite spring pieces with artful details. Embroideries are also proving to be a great way to incorporate the customization principle embraced by millennials which the rest of us are also just starting to become acquainted with.

For your inspiration, check out the luxuriously embroidered pieces from Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana. Gucci goes through lengths to show us how embroidery combined with plenty of metallic studs make for outstanding statement shoes.

5. Floral Prints
These pieces are the most anticipated among the biggest spring trends, and this season, they come in all forms, makes and sizes. Printed, embroidered or sculpted, these florals add drama to your outfits. The Alexander McQueen show will aptly demonstrate how you can mix and match even your floral accented leather jacket with a sheer, full length maxi dress that can be both appropriate for a formal affair or, good for an any day out for tea in al fresco fashion.

When you’re done dressing up to this season’s biggest and most stylish trends, care to see the overall look that you’ve created which includes your choice of jewelry and accessories, but also your hair and makeup. The outlook points out to makeup that is characterized by bright eyeliners and lip shades.

Classy Spring OOTD Ideas For You to Try

At the end of the day, fashion should always be worn with your personality. Trends lists, such as this one, should always be taken as informed forecasts to inform your own styling picks for the season. Quite frankly, there is nothing that should stop you from wearing anything that your heart desires. Still, new trends can serve to update your look season after season.

JazzAuthor Bio
Hi, my name is Jazz Pollard, born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois. I write on beauty, anti-aging and skincare. Living my dream career of writing. You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

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