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How to Prevent Hair Breakage

erasePreventing damage to your hair is a simple thing to do as long as you follow a few easy steps every day. The way you take care of yourself and your hair can considerably prevent hair breakage. You can ward off split ends and damage easily by simply taking care of your tresses.


A consistent visit to your hair stylist every 4 to 6 weeks is the ideal length of time to go between trims. The stylist will cut off the split ends in order to make sure that they don’t run up the hair shaft and damage your hair further up than just the ends. They will also moisturize your hair and help you figure out the ideal way to style it so that it is protected from damage. Your hair stylist can also recommend the products that you will need to keep your hair healthy. Your hair will look and feel healthier and it will also allow your style to remain fresh and keep from looking grown out and shaggy.


The chemicals that are used to straighten, curl or color your hair can add stress to your hair and can cause hair breakage. It is best to consult your hair stylist before you indulge in any chemical treatments on your hair, and it is best to have it done professionally, instead of doing it yourself at home. Sometimes the chemicals used in professional treatments are infused with moisturizers and ingredients that are less harmful to your hair than at-home products. Your hair stylist may recommend that you wait until your hair is healthier before you use any chemical treatments. Deep conditioners containing protein treatments should be used weekly in order to try to incorporate strength and softness in your chemically treated hair.


The styling tools that you use on your hair can cause damage. Some things to avoid when trying to keep damage away are teasing your hair and using terry cloth towels.

Teasing daily will stretch and pull the hair and cause hair breakage very quickly. Using terry cloth towels will pull and frizz the hair before you even get it dry. Instead of using a regular towel, there are wraps made of cotton that can be used, or you can use a simple tee shirt and wrap it around your hair after washing it. Using harsh hair ties on your hair can cause stretching and hair breakage every time that you throw your hair up into a ponytail. Use covered elastics or softer hair ties in order to keep from damaging your hair, and don’t pull the hair up too tightly.

A boar bristle brush is the safest brush to use when brushing out your hair. Try to avoid yanking and pulling on the hair, but instead, brush very gently starting at the bottom and working your way up until you can easily brush from root to the end without tangles.

You can also use a wide toothed comb to do any detangling after the shower. Make sure to always use a leave-in conditioner to prevent breakage and frizz. It will detangle and also reduce the friction of brushing. Most leave-in conditioners will also enhance your natural body and give you softer and more luxurious hair. A lighter leave-in conditioner will not leave your hair oily.


Make sure that you are treating your hair gently when washing and styling. Try to use a shampoo and conditioner that works to strengthen your hair. This can prevent breakage from the very first step. Try not to wash your hair every day, as this will put added stress on your hair. It is actually healthy to skip a day or two between washes. Choose different styles to hide the oil on the non-washing days.

When you blow dry your hair, try to allow it to air dry most of the way before using the blow dryer. When you do need to use a dryer, put it on the coolest setting and use the cool air to blow it dry the remainder of the way.

When you go to bed, use a satin or silk pillow case. Your head is heavy, and to have it lying on your hair can cause damage when you move your head around in your sleep. A satin or silk pillow case will allow your head and hair to move smoothly and will cause less damage.

Using these simple steps and tools will greatly decrease the amount of damage you do to your hair, and in turn, will help you to prevent hair breakage. Using a few tools and taking a few extra steps will give you the softest and healthiest hair.

 Guest author Barb Quinn has been a professional hairstylist for over 30 years and has established herself as a nationally recognized hair designer, educator, and freelance writer. Barb has been chosen by her peers to serve on the advisory panel of Cosmos C International the global hairstylist network and is the Men’s Hair Category Expert for Thousands of women each day follow Barb’s hairstyling wit and wisdom on her highly successful blogs and


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Accessorizing for the Occasion

erase“In every woman’s wardrobe, there are certain accessories that cannot be separated from their back stories.” – Sloane Crosley

Accessories have long been an important addition to a woman’s outfit, whether it’s handbags, jewelry or shoes – no outfit is complete without them. Follow the tips in this article to prevent any huge ‘accessory mistakes’.

For Work

Practicality is always the most important thing to consider when choosing accessories for work. For example if you work with machinery, most jewellery and scarves can be a hazard. If you commute, choose a bag with compartments to easily store phones, car keys or train tickets. Jewelry finishes off every outfit, but there are many little things to consider when matching it with your outfit. For example, if you work at a desk in a communal office, don’t wear bracelets or bangles – the noise it will make as you type will drive you and your coworkers crazy!

For Dinner

When you select your outfit, tight fitting items are a no go and the accessory you need to leave behind is the waste belt – your stomach will swell as you eat and your choices are to sit in pain all evening or to admit defeat and take it in the restaurant.

 For Shopping

Avoid delicate bracelets and bangles because all that undressing and redressing, squeezing through the crowds at the sale bins and swapping bags from arm to arm whilst digging about in your purse trying to locate your debit card, will take its toll and eventually break or damage them.

Robyn Edwards currently writes for Chapman Bags, a British online bags and luggage company based in the North of England. All of Chapman’s products are locally produced with traditional techniques and the finest in materials. Visit Chapman Bags to explore our extensive range of bags, luggage, accessories and outdoor sporting bags.


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Pre-Wedding Day ‘Mother-Of-The-Bride’ Beauty Tips

Chesca mothers of the bride - Google Search - Mozilla Firefox_2014-04-07_22-36-49As the Mother of the Bride, you naturally want to look and feel your best.  If time is on your side, implementing some of these tips into your regime will make a big difference in your skin.  Beautiful skin is the base of great beauty!

Tip One:

Whether weight loss is in your plans for your daughter’s big day or not, start as soon as you can with a healthy plant-based diet.  You will lose weight if you are coming from a grain and dairy diet.  Not only will the plant-based diet leave you feeling great, but it will have a wonderful effect on your skin and your ‘youthful glow’!

Tip Two:

Implementing an exercise regime that is appropriate for your fitness level at the time will also help you make it something you enjoy and keep that objective in mind.  Have a few detailed images you plant in your mind of how you will look, feel and act on the wedding day.  These are great to envision when you are feeling less motivated to exercise.

Tip Three:

Drink lots of water in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  Most of us are really terrible at drinking the 8 glasses of water MINIMUM per day that we are supposed to.  Starting weeks before will allow your body to adjust.  You will have to use the washroom more often at first, but that urge is less frequent as you do it.  Water improves our skin drastically – our bodies are composed of so much water.  You will look replenished and rejuvenated.

Tip Four:

Apply a weekly facial mask!  Exfoliate, hydrate and tighten your skin with a facial mask that suits your skin type.  Using masks weekly for the months leading up to the wedding is not only a treat, but will add brightness and tightness to your skin.  Finish with a high-end skin cream.  The eye gels, and anti-wrinkle cremes do wonders.   Much has to be done regularly to maximize the dazzle in the results!

Tip Five:

Know the make-up tricks that flatter your features.  Don’t wait until the big day to experiment.  Flawless skin can be achieved with careful application of the right products in the right way.  For example, start with a primer.  Then apply matching shades of foundation and concealer to blend beautifully and hide any flaws, discolorations, or blemishes.  Go for a look of moisture and blend with a silk sponge for the best results.  For women of menopause age, it is recommended to have a foundation and concealer with a golden hue.  This will make your skin appear healthier and more vibrant.  Stay away from pink hues!

Tip Six:

Use a highlighter to add subtle lifts to areas like drooping eyes.  A cream highlighter that is two shades lighter than your foundation, and blended well, will really lift areas and create a brilliant and beautiful effect!

Tip Seven:

Before the wedding, test out and book a professional make-up artist and hair-stylist.  This is a day you’ve probably dreamed about from the time your daughter was young!  Treat yourself to the confidence you’ll receive from knowing you look your best.  It is always a good idea to try out the professionals ahead of time.  You want to stay within your comfort zone, and you want to trust the person doing your make up that they won’t make you into someone that is really out of character for you.  Feel like a better version of you, not a completely different person from who you actually are!

This article was written with inspiration from our friends at Chesca Direct.




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Date Night? Get your Skin Ready!

erase2Do you have a big date coming up and only a couple of hours to prepare for it? Most often, our skin is not our friend and if you don’t feel that you look great on your date night, you will be a lot more insecure about yourself. Don’t freak out! Here are some quick fixes that can help you become ready in no time, while leaving nothing to chance.


Effective cleansing is the most important step in your skin care routine. Especially hours before a date where you want your skin to look as fresh and new as possible. Use a makeup cleansing towelette to remove most of the dirt from your face and finish with a face wash to get a 100% clear surface of your skin. Depending on what kind of products you prefer to use as makeup remover, you can read more about how to remove makeup and which products to use here!


The first thing you want to do is to ice your skin. Simply place an ice pack on your swollen blemishes after washing your face and leave it for 5-10 minutes. This will reduce the skin redness, puffiness, and contracts pores. Another fast way to fix puffy eyes is to place two brewed green tea bags over your eyes for 10 minutes, or use a rollerball with caffeine.


Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is essential. Make sure the moisturizer is customized to your skin’s needs. If you are in doubt, you can read more about your skin’s needs at Clean & Clear’s website.


On your clean and well-moisturized skin, it’s time to apply a primer to smooth out and prepare your skin for makeup. A primer is one of the beauty secrets that can make a big difference in the overall look and wear of your makeup and make it last a lot longer. There are a lot of primers to choose from, such as the popular one from MAC with a matte finish that also contains sunblock.

And there you have it! Good luck!

*Guest post provided by Shahbaz Ahmed.

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100% Pure Pigmented Mascara

eraseLooking for a vegan cosmetics company? Check out 100% Pure, a relatively new company that makes vegan cosmetics, skin care, and hair products. And of course, there is no animal testing. We tried their 100% Pure Pigmented Mascara, which conditions and tints your lashes with real berry pigments and black tea. This mascara gives a really natural finish with absolutely no clumps at all. Its strength isn’t really with thickening your lashes, but you get decent lengthening. Here’s what’s interesting: you may not have realized how irritating your mascara is on your eyes until you try this product. It’s great for sensitive eyes and washes away easily with soap and water. In sum, 100% Pure Pigmented Mascara is perfect for everyday, but you’ll want more if you like drama. But after trying such an excellent product that is without chemicals, animal products, or animal testing, we wonder why all cosmetics companies don’t follow suit. Hopefully products like 100% Pure’s will become the norm instead of the exception.

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Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream

eraseTone, texture, dullness, blotchiness, and brown spots – Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream claims to address all of these concerns. It’s star ingredient is the total soy complex, which harnesses the power of beneficial soy as well as Vitamin  B3.  We tried this cream and thought its greatest strength was that it’s non-irritating. It can be hard to find a night cream that is great for brown spots and texture that doesn’t aggravate sensitive skin. It’s a great moisturizer and isn’t too greasy. That being said, you won’t get extreme results when it comes to brown spots. However it seems to make an improvement on complexion overall. At $16.99 we think this is a pretty good bargain, and even more so for those with sensitive skin.

Tip: Did you know that soy is great for people with combination skin? It has the ability to moisturize dry areas while increasing oiliness in other areas!


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