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The Best Ways to Pamper Your Feet in
Spas Today

Everyone deserves to be pampered from time to time and this does not only include ladies anymore. It is less likely that a man will be will be going in for French pedicures and more feminine treatments, but why not treat yourself to a massage or a foot detox? So, what exactly can you get for your feet in spas today?

Massages That Will Make Your Body Melt
There are few things in this world that are as relaxing and as pleasant as professional massages that you can get in spas. This also includes foot massages that can vary in techniques, duration and parts of the foot that are massaged, but which all share one very important thing – they feel so great.

The most common type of foot massage is the Chinese foot massage also known as reflexology massage, which is supposed to remove the energy blockages in the body by applying pressure to certain points on the foot. It is a treat, whether you believe in the energy stuff or not.

Thai foot massage is quite similar, although it involves the use of sticks that are used to apply pressure to certain points on the foot. Of course, there are some differences in the oils that are used, the movements and so on.

You can also go for a sports foot and leg massage which is geared more to helping you with certain foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis, arthritic pain, as well as common ankle and toe pain as well as daily wear and tear.

The best ways to pamper your feet in spas todayPedicures That Will Make Your Feet Beautiful
A nice, comprehensive and rich pedicure is the most pampering that you can provide for your feet and if you ask us, the best place to get these is at spas where you will find the best masseurs. When it comes to pedicures, the choice is even greater than with massages, although the pedicures will mostly differ in the products that are used.

For example, the French pedicure is characterized by the nail polish finish which involves clear or light pink coat for the largest part of the nail with the white crown on the tips. Paraffin pedicure involves dipping the feet in paraffin wax before the nail polish. Margarita pedicure involves various lime products, while a champagne pedicure will involve actual wine and grape products.

More Experimental Procedures
A fish pedicure is a relatively new and still somewhat controversial treatment that you can get in many spas today. It involves dunking the feet in a container with water and a certain type of fish which eat the dead skin off the feet. The opinions are still quite divided on this treatment though.

Detox wraps and baths are also a somewhat new type of foot pampering and once again, the opinions are divided. Some say these detox treatments are a waste of time and money while others swear by them.

What are you still doing reading this? Go to your nearest spa and spoil your feet the way they deserve to be spoiled, carrying you around all day.

James Burbank is a blogger who loves learning new stuff about the world and sharing it with others. He writes on health and beauty tips, vintage clothes and NBA (yes, all very random). This article is product of his collaboration with a podiatry clinic from Sydney.

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Favorites Friday! Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sallly-MiracleThis week’s Favorites Friday feature is Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish. We’ve been wanting to try this for a while to see if it lives up to it’s “miracle” claims.

The product promises 14 days of color and shine with no light needed. Since the other gel kits with the LED light are a bit more of a procedure, the Miracle Gel is an enticing option. You can purchase the nail color and the top coat for around $10 each, or the duo pack for about $16 at your local drugstore.

After applying the color and top coat, we did notice more of a gel-like finish than most of our other “regular” nail polishes. The finish is a bit smoother as well. The two application steps were super easy, and the result flawless. Now, as the product promises up to 14 days of color and shine, let us admit that the glossy manicure did start to chip before the 14 days were up. It definitely lasts longer than the average polish, but there is an advantage to the longer lasting gel that requires the light.

Overall, a great product for the low price point compared to an gel kit with an LED, and much less of a hassle. Check out our Facebook page to leave your own review!


Even & Bright Pink Lemon and
Mandarin Orange Scrub From St. Ives

604-731214-EvenBright-scrub-300x300The best-selling Apricot Scrub from St. Ives may always be a #1 favorite, but a new contender is right up there with the best.

A gentle scrub with a Vitamin C to even skin tone and an unbeatable fragrance.


  • 100% natural exfoliants
    (hydrated silica)
  • Pink lemon and mandarin orange, both known to be sources of vitamin C (known to help even out skin tone)
    The scrub contains pink lemon and mandarin orange, which are both sources of Vitamin C and are known to help even skin tone. The exfoliants are more gentle than the Apricot Scrub, but still leave skin just as even and soft. Since the scrub is more mild, you can use it often since it is not as harsh on skin as the original Apricot Scrub. It is also sulfate-free so doesn’t dry skin, oil-free as to not clog pores, as well as hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. Not to mention the pink lemon and mandarin orange fragrance fills your shower with an amazing aroma!

    Moisten face with water. Dispense product onto fingertips and massage over face. Rinse off with water. Instructions on the product indicate 3-4 times per week, but the exfoliants are mild and the scrub is in our experience, gentle enough for daily use.


    Advice for a Perfect Skin Care at Every Age

    eraseThe quality of our skin reflects our well-being and our health and makes us look good or bad. Therefore, it is very important that your skin gets proper care. As we grow older, the skin care that is necessary changes. Here is basic skin care advice for every decade of your life.

    Youth and elasticity are on your side, but your hormones are working against you. If you don’t suffer from acne, basic hygiene is quite enough for your face. If your skin is problematic, you need to see a dermatologist who will prescribe the right treatment to prevent damaging scarring that can occur during this time.

    By now you have determined your skin type—oily, normal, dry or combination. No matter your skin type, the priority is moisturizing. Drink a lot of water, eating healthily and applying moisturizer daily. Also, never let your skin see the sun without wearing the sunscreen. Don’t over-apply product . All you need to do is keep the skin from drying as it triggers the wrinkle formation. When you are putting on toner or hydrator, make sure to apply it from bottom up. This will ensure that it is absorbed better since the skin cells are arranged just like shingles.

    Moisturizing is still a must, but at this time, creamy and richer products should have their turn. Also, by this time, you need to have your own dermatologist who knows about your skin and can notice all changes and prevent problems. Introduce weekly peeling into your skin care routine. Always choose the products that contain vitamin A and C. Try getting facials every 28 days. Why 28 days? Your skin cycle is 28 days long.

    Wrinkles are starting to appear and you need to do your best to keep them from being too visible or to slow down their formation. This is done by continuing to moisturize and increasing products with vitamin A and C. Also, you can start using fillers. Use fillers after moisturizing so that they can lock down their effect and make your skin look better. If you feel the need, this is the time to use Botox so that your muscles relax and don’t create new skin folds and wrinkles. Find good products that will even your skin tone and prevent pigmentation. You should also avoid drinking diet sodas because they are hard on the kidneys, which in turn causes eye bags.

    You definitely know what is good for your skin by know and you have your regime, your skin team and your favorite products. Some treatments and lasers may have already been applied by now. The idea at this age is to continue to do your best about skin care. When you get in your fifties, it becomes even more important to know how to wash your face properly. Very few people know that washing your face using outward motions will reduce the sagging of the skin and make your face look more youthful. And the best thing is that it costs nothing.
    Each decade of your life requires some boosts in your skin care. However, if you start in time and if you are regular about it, your skin will reward you with fresh and amazing beauty.

    Sophie Andersen is a beauty blogger based in Perth. She wrote this article in collaboration with dermatologist from Med Aesthetics. Check more of Sophie’s advice at Facebook.


    5 Oils You Actually WANT on Your Skin

    erase3When you’re looking at skincare, you most likely see products with no oil. But oil-free isn’t always a good thing! Here are 5 oils that at address skin issues instead of clogging pores.

    Avocado Oil – You probably already know avocado oil as the poster child for good fats. Avocado is also fabulous for dry skin or eczema. Omega-3 fatty acids, the same ones that are good to ingest, also help your skin retain moisture.

    Coconut Oil – Rough skin is always unwanted, but rough skin on the face is almost intolerable. If you have acne you may want to skip this one, but those with normal skin will like the skin softening effect of coconut oil. The fatty acids in coconut oil make skin radiant.

    Rose-Hip Seed Oil – Retinol or Vitamin A is a well respected ingredient for anti-aging and dark spots. Rose-hip seed oil actually has vitamin A, which can help with dark spots. Also give it a try on scars.

    Grape-Seed Oil – What if you could have glowing skin without faking it with highlighter? Try grape-seed oil to hydrate your skin and fight dullness.

    Argan Oil – If you have acne, you may go running for the hills from this advice. However, argan oil is great for unclogging pores, decreasing oil production, and attacking skin inflammation. This may be the alternative you’ve been looking for to drying acne products.


    Revlon Age Defying Firming + Lifting Makeup™

    erase2It’s a common complaint that women have as they get older that they actually look younger without makeup. It’s a strange problem to have, since foundation is supposed to make you look better not older! Foundation and especially powder can build up in fine line and creases, accentuating the very thing that you were trying to hide. This is why it makes sense to have an anti-aging foundation. We tried Revlon’s Age Defying Firming + Lifting Makeup, which has hyaluronic acid for hydration, moisturizers, and ingredients to lift the skin. The best thing about this foundation is that it stays on top of the skin instead of gradually sinking into lines. The result is more of an air brushed effect. So does it make you look younger? It gives you a glow and smoothness to your skin and covers instead of highlights wrinkles. Win Revlon Age Defying Wrinkle Remedy Line Filler when you enter our contest of the quarter!

    Tip: Do you have fine lines? Don’t knock the traditional remedy of olive oil! It’s rich in antioxidants, which protect your skin from free radicals that age skin cells.



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    Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

    eraseYou may know Unilever’s brand Simple for its philosophy on skincare – no perfume, no color, or harsh chemicals. But did you know that Simple was launched in 1960? The brand has been around for quite awhile and is geared toward sensitive skin. We tried their Cleansing Facial Wipes, which is supposed to be strong enough to remove even waterproof mascara, yet doesn’t contain alcohol, oil, or perfume. These wipes are also naturally anti-bacterial, but we’re not sure what particular ingredient gives that benefit. These wipes are actually surprisingly adept at removing makeup. Usually, if a product is gentle it’s unfortunately also gentle on makeup removal. Our tester with sensitive skin approved. If you want to address acne or aging, Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes may be lacking. However, not making big changes is what those with sensitive skin are looking for.

    Tip: If your skin is irritated, try Almond Oil which calms skin and addresses redness. It’s perfect for ultra-sensitive skin.


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