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Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Update your wardrobe on a budgetWe could all use some extra cash to buy things we need, but somehow all we ever do is balancing our budgets and trying to figure out ways to save money. However, life goes on and we occasionally find ourselves in a situation where we want to buy a nice piece of clothes, but we tell ourselves that we can’t afford it. Don’t worry, there are ways to save money on clothes regardless of the season.

Don’t follow fashion trends blindly

Fashion is inspired by everyday life, and one interesting research has shown that French women do not really care about what is shown on TV or in a fashion magazine, but choose clothes based on what suites them and makes them look good. Besides, don’t you just hate it when you see someone else wearing the exact same outfit as you? With a lot of people buying what is considered ‘fashionable’ we end up with a lot of people wearing the exact same things like uniforms. Refuse to be blinded by trends and show how different you are.

Re-use your old clothes

We all have tons of old T-shirts we never wear and are sick of. Re-use your old clothes to make something new. There are dozens of different ways you can use an old T-shirt, and not to mention other parts of your wardrobe. Make stylish scarves, fashionable necklaces, trendy headbands, unique bags or even a sexy bikini using nothing but your old clothes. Have fun, be an artist for a day and save some money along the way. You will surely be one of a kind among your friends.

Out-of-season shopping pays off
Getting some new clothes and still staying on a budget is easy if you know when to go shopping. Postseason sales and clearance racks are simply the best times for you to spend less on new clothes. You have to be systematic and make a list of what exactly do you need for the upcoming year.

After you do this, make changes in your budget around seasonal purchases. Buy winter clothes such as coats and boots in late February, and remember that you can find a bikini online in the fall or in the winter and save a lot of money.

‘Spice up’ your outfit

One particular outfit can look elegant or casual depending on the accessories you decide to wear that day. If you have one particular blazer that looks good on you and you really like wearing, you can add a new statement necklace or a nicely coloured scarf, thus completely changing the way you look. Add colourful hats, statement necklaces and trendy bags to your wardrobe and wear different accessories every day to create different looks and stay elegant.

Buying gorgeous clothes on impulse just because they’re on sale doesn’t mean that you’ll save money. On the other hand, if you are about to buy a pricey item, try to save money by doing the following: get your money’s worth by investing in a classic shape and color. This way you can get more than a season’s wear out of it.

Written by Sophie Andersen
She is a author at High Style Life

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Product Review: The Nudes Palette by Maybelline

Nudes51QXf0uzs5LI have long been a fan of the Naked palettes from Urban Decay, but at such a high price (around $54!) I was so excited when the Nudes Palette from Maybelline came out. The palette is around $11 (such a steal!) and could save loads of cash if comparable to the competitor.

Lets start with the colors. I have a pale skin tone, but the Nudes Palette contains the perfect proportion of dark and light shades for my skin. The shimmery shadows are not too glittery, but just enough for a great holiday look or special occasion.

Another great part is that they’ve included instructions on the back of the palette for Quads, Trios and Duos. These instructions are great if you need help mastering the smokey eye look (which by the way is achievable beautifully with the Nudes Palette!) The colors in the palette are arranged accordingly, which is great when you are trying to follow the guidance on the back.

In conclusion I can say that this is my new favorite go-to eyeshadow palette. No need to spend large sums of money on designer brands. This product has it all!


Product Review: Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant

After hearing about the moisturizing ability of Dove’s Advanced Care line of Antiperspirant Deodorant, I was excited to give it a try. I was a little hesitant to give up the clear gel deodorant I had been using to avoid any white marks on my clothes. However, Dove certainly delivered. The Advanced Care line promises 48 hours of odor and wetness protection, as well as NutriumMoisture, for nourished and moisturized skin.

After wearing the product through a long day including stress and an hour and a half workout, my underarms were still fresh, with no odor! I also noticed a difference after a few days, in the texture of my skin. The NutriumMoisture really makes a difference compared to my previous deodorant which seemed to dry my skin. I would definitely recommend Dove’s Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant. I had no regrets, and even though the product is a white solid, it still left my underarms residue free and didn’t show on my clothes at all.

Features & Benefits:

  • Odor and wetness protection for 48 hours
  • NutriumMoisture for ultimate care after every shave
  • Dove is #1 dermatologist recommended for skin care
  • Stays on skin, not on clothes

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    Product Review: Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes

    Ponds-TowelettesI may have found the best on-the-go face wipe that is out there. Or at least that I’ve tried. Ponds Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes have by far cleansed my face better than any other face wipes that I’ve tried. Others have been too dry, and I had to add water to them to even remove any makeup (which kind of defeats the purpose of on-the-go).

    These Towelettes are soft, moist, and have a woven texture that allows the cleansing solution to almost create a lather. The wipe exfoliates just enough to remove makeup and oil. Perfect for on-the-go, or days when you’re just too lazy to wash your face.

    Essential Features

    • Soft, textured cloths work gently without drying skin
    • Dermatologist tested
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Safe for contact lens wearers

    Key Ingredients

    Vitamin E - Known to prevent water loss from skin and help promote overall skin health
    Triple Anti-Oxidant complex - Helps to revitalize and refresh skin.

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    How to Get Longer, Sexy Lashes Naturally

    everlashingWho doesn’t want eyelashes like the ones featured in mascara ads? The models always have “come-hither” ones that are long, lush, glossy and voluminous. And even though we know that those lashes are the result of a makeup artist’s expertise or Photoshop, we still flock to drugstores and cosmetic counters anticipating the thicker, fuller lashes that makeup brands promise.

    If you’ve been blessed with a good amount of eyelashes, mascara can be a quick and simple fix if you want to give your lashes a little oomph. But what do you do if you don’t have much to work with? False lashes are an option, but who has time to apply them every day? And lash extensions can set you back up to $400 per session. If you want more dramatic lashes and don’t want to go to extremes, here are a few things that you can do to help promote eyelash growth.

    Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

    Just like the hair on your head, your lashes can thrive if you nourish them from the inside out. By eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins, you can help ensure growth. You can also try adding a daily multivitamin if you don’t think you’re getting enough nutrients. A supplement that contains vitamins B, D and E is ideal. These vitamins are key for boosting growth and keeping lashes strong. Biotin is also another option. You can try a supplement or eat biotin-rich foods like bananas, pecans and sardines. Be sure to check with your doctor to make sure that supplements are right for you.

    Groom Your Lashes

    You take care of your hair every day. So start tending to those lashes. Try brushing your lashes twice a day with an eyelash brush. Brushing on a regular basis can help encourage growth. Add a little vitamin E oil to the process as well. Vitamin E oil is great because it prevents shedding. You can find vitamin E oil at a drugstore or health food store. Other options to try are castor oil and emu oil. Just lightly apply the oil of your choice to your lashes before bedtime, and avoid getting in in your eyes.

    Always Be Gentle
    When you’re taking off your eye makeup at night, don’t tug or rub your lashes. Use gentle strokes when using makeup remover or cold cream. And if you use lash curlers daily, you might want to take a break from them. Over time, they can weaken lashes and cause breakage. Try combing them instead for a neater look. If you’re looking for a more permanent lash growth solution that won’t break the bank, try everLASHing Lash Growth Serum from Verseo Beauty & Wellness. With this special blend of cell-regenerating peptides, botanical ingredients and lash conditioning elements, you can see healthier and fuller lashes in just four weeks.

    Article written by Chris Miller; photo credit


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