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Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm
– Product Review

RevlonThe holiday season is approaching, and who doesn’t want to look their absolute best?! In search of a new lipcolor to try, I decided on Revlon’s Colorburst Lacquer Balm. There were plenty of shades to choose from, which I liked but made my decision that much harder.

When I first applied the product, I noticed that the color was much denser than I imagined it would be for a “balm” – this product is definitely more like a lipstick when it comes to color. The pink was bright and rich, and looked amazing. Since it does have “balm” in the name, I honestly didn’t expect the color to last long – but it did! I went the entire first half of the day, without my lipcolor fading even in the slightest. It did however, wear off almost completely after lunch and I had to reapply. Even though the color does not last all day, it doesn’t dry your lips out like some “all day” lip products. Nobody wants dry lips (especially in the winter when the air is already dry), so this is a great choice for day and night.

Product: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm

Description: “Shine like never before with brilliant color infused with a Triple Butter Complex. Available In 10 craveable, collectible lacquer shades.”
– From the Revlon website

Price: $6

Stars: 4 out of 5

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Eucerin Intensive Repair Rich Lotion for Very Dry Skin – Product Review

EucerinJust in time for winter’s approach, and the humidity finally falling and our skin (unfortunately) becoming dry and cracked.. Lets take a look at one of the most popular brands of skincare’s Intensive Repair Lotion. Eucerin Intensive Repair Rich Lotion comes in a large-sized pump bottle, and although it dispenses from a pump, it is still the richest lotion that I’ve ever bought that didn’t come in a jar or tub.

I chose this lotion because it is fragrance-free, and will not cause an allergic reaction in those who are sensitive to perfumes. Plus, in the winter you tend to need to lather on more lotion, and it’s nice to have one that won’t interfere with your chosen perfume of the day. Upon first applying the lotion, my skin felt immediately softened and moisturized, and did not have any leftover greasy feel that left my skin feeling oily. That, and the truly fragrance-free formula made it a win in my book (some fragrance-free lotions still seem to have a scent in my opinion, but not this one). I can say that the lotion lasted well into my day, even when I was outside in the cold, AND after I had washed my hands numerous times. I did have to eventually reapply in the evening, but by that point my hands had been through a lot. This lotion is definitely a good go-to product for the cold months to come.

Product: Eucerin Intensive Repair Rich Lotion

Description: “This rich, formula with buffered alpha hydroxy and special moisturizing ingredients, gently exfoliates and intensively moisturizes, for smoother, healthier-looking skin.” – From the Eucerin website

Price: $7.99

Stars: 5 out of 5

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NeedCrystals Microdermabrasion Crystals – Product Review

8oz-productI’ve recently had the opportunity to review the Microdermabrasion Crystals from NEEDCRYSTALS. This came at a perfect time when the colder months are approaching, and exfoliation is key to keeping skin healthy and radiant.

The product boasts that it sweeps away dead surface skin, clears pores to visibly reduce their appearance, and leaves skin clear, smooth and more even toned. What makes this product unique is that it is a jar of dry crystals, which you add to the facial cleanser of your choice. We love that you are free to continue using whichever facial cleanser is right for you, with the added benefit of exfoliation. And the jar of crystals goes a long way! In order to get the full effect, I used the product for two weeks to really give it a chance to give me good results. And I will say that I in fact did start to see results even after the first use. My skin felt smoother and softer within days of using the product, and after two weeks I do believe that my pores appear smaller, and acne marks seem to have faded a little. I’d definitely recommend this product for those looking to exfoliate their skin and reduce pore size. Add it to your favorite facial cleanser, and get the results of both products in one!

Price: $12.99

Where to purchase:

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5 Ways To Instantly Add Volume & Oomph To Fine Hair

Is fine hair weighing you down? It’s easy to create the illusion of more luscious and thicker strands by using the right hair care products, getting a flattering hair cut, changing up your hair part and using the most suitable heat styling tools. Here are a few quick and easy ways to add volume instantly.

Blow Dry Strategically
Styling and blow drying can create the illusion of thicker, more luscious hair. Start with damp hair and apply a volumizing product close to the roots of your hair. You can create extra lift and texture in your hair by directing the blow dryer’s airflow towards your roots first and move on to the rest of your strands once your roots are dry.

Use The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type
If you hair is excessively oily the oils may weigh down your hair resulting in limp locks. Those with oily hair may want to wash more frequently. You may also consider using a dry shampoo. A dry shampoo will clean your hair without having to use water and generally comes in a powder formula or spray and works to absorbs your hair’s natural oils. One benefit of using a dry shampoo is that it can also add texture and volume in addition to cleaning your hair. For an extra boost, try concentrationg the product at your roots.

Get A Volumizing Cut
The right hair cut can go a long way in achieving a voluminous appearance. Tell your stylist to give you long layers; a blunt cut or one length hair will make hair look flater. Layers can be used to achieve more texture and make your hair look bouncier. Hair length also matters; you may want to consider a mid length or shorter cut since very long locks can drag your hair down.

Change Your Part
One of the easiest ways to achieve volume immediately is to change the way your part your hair. Parting your hair in the same direction for years can cause your hair to just lay flat. If you always part your hair to the right try parting it towards the left. This will help to lift your strands away from your roots and create more body.

Pick A Ceramic Hair Dryer
One of the keys to achieving more voluminous locks is to pick the right blow dryer. A ceramic hair dryer is ideal for fine hair because it doesn’t weigh hair down like ionic hair dryers can. Ionic dryers flatten the hair’s cuticle for a super smooth sleek look which means shiny hair but less volume. Instead, pick a ceramic dryer which will give fine hair a volume boost. Online hair dryer reviews may give you insight when it comes to picking a device that’s suitable for your budget, lifestyle and needs.

Author Bio:
Hi, my name is Jacqueline C. and I’m a beauty enthusiast and shopaholic. I’m a blogger and writer and have researched and written a study to help consumers find the best vitamin C serum. I currently reside in L.A and enjoy trying out new beauty products and looking for the latest deals.

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Transitional Skincare – 6 Products to Use
in the Fall

Hey, gorgeous!
Can you believe it’s already fall? It’s surreal how time flies!
To us – it still feels like summer when the air is silky and we’re all channeling our inner Amazon queens, tanned, messy and gorgeous. Ah, good days. However, the fall is not that bad, either – with oranges and deep greens all around, the smell of roasted chestnuts in the streets and fabulous fashion – the opportunities to enjoy it are plenty.


Naturally, with this rapid season change, to look our absolute best, we need to change our summer beauty routine to the fall one. Luckily for all of us little beauty geeks, transitional skincare products are already on shelves in our favorite stores, and it’s time we did some shopping!
Here’s a list of the basic summer-to-fall essentials to purchase.

Aqua Cream
Unfortunately, after laying out on the beach for hours on end, your skin starts reflecting so much more than a tan; it gets dry and flaky and you need to employ a little bit of magic to protect it from damage the sun’s done. You need the water dried up from your skin to be quickly and deeply infused back in there, so look for a facial moisturizer made with retinol, beeswax, amino acids and rosemary extract for a fabulous hydrating effect. To restore skin’s natural glow and soften harsh lines, apply the cream under makeup and before bed.

Daily Peel
A high-quality daily peel will do wonders for getting skin back to its pre-summer naturally radiant state. Choose powerful, yet gentle exfoliate acids to help improve the skin’s texture and diminish fine lines in the long run. In case you’ve never used a peel before, you’ll be blown away by its effect.


The Right Antioxidant
The skin needs constant protection against the environment; this is why you need to find a serum that will feel natural on your skin. A good serum will be the best antioxidant your skin can get. Opt for a product whose powerful combination of ingredients helps repair your skin and some former skin-scarring or damage. Used every day, the serum will result in a remarkable change in the skin.

A Profound Eye Cream
The eye area is very sensitive to all weather factors, sun especially. Find eye cream which instantly cools and depuffs the under eye area and gives your face its initial glow. The best under eye creams are those made with caffeine as they successfully reduce bags and puffiness. After a long summer or a night without enough sleep, a coffee-based eye cream mask is what you want to go with.

A Night Cream
To knock out dry skin cells and up the ante on collagen production, find a good night cream that will do the magic. Creams to look for are those made with ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acids as they achieve the best effect of chemical exfoliation. Formulas based on bearberry, horse chestnut and white tea soothe the skin to mow over wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

A fabulous Makeup Eraser
After a long, makeup free summer, you’ll start using makeup again and you will need a product, gentle enough to nurture your skin and yet successfully remove anything you’ve got going on your face. It doesn’t replace cleansing, yet it works to remove makeup. Go for gentle formulas that aren’t invasive on the skin but are strong enough to remove waterproof and long wearing makeup.

Ladies, don’t worry too much about this seasonal transition; if you stick to the right formulas and quality products, your skin will restore its initial glow and elasticity in a second. Good luck picking!

Emma Lawson is a passionate writer, online article editor and a beauty enthusiast. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding healthy lifestyle. She also strives to suggest quality products like the ones you can find at Peter’s of Kensington. Twitter @EmmahLawson

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