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4 Short and Simple Steps for Perfect Skincare

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

Your skin is an essential organ that covers every part of your body and protects it from outside harm. It makes sure key chemicals, vitamins, and other substances remain inside. Because your skin is vulnerable to outside damage from the sun, pollution, and other environmental stressors, it’s essential to take good care of it daily.

The first step is to follow a simple healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet high in good fats like avocado, nuts, and flaxseed. These foods help to strengthen the cell membrane, restore the skin barrier, and protect against outside damage. They can also help with hydration, preventing dry skin. Further, you should drink water daily to add to the moisture.

It’s important to consume foods that are high in antioxidants, like kale, spinach, and dark chocolate. They can repair damage to the skin barrier and provide anti-aging benefits. Avoid sugary, oily, or processed foods.

Antioxidants penetrate deep into the skin and help get rid of wrinkles. A review in the Journal of Dermatological Science looked at the anti-aging benefits of antioxidants in the skin.

It’s essential to follow a strict skincare regimen daily to keep your skin in the best condition possible. There are numerous different creams, serums, and other skincare products on the market that you can try. However, some products are essential. You should follow a 4-step skincare routine in the morning and then before you go to bed every day.

Your Routine for Clear and Healthy Skin

1.Cleanse Your Skin. Daily dirt and other environmental damage can impact our skin, clogging the pores and leading to blackheads, pimples, and other issues. Also, makeup can get inside the pores and cause skin irritation.

It’s essential to cleanse your face on a twice-daily basis to get rid of these oils and impurities. Make sure to choose a gentle product that is easy on your skin, and that matches your skin type. Wash your face with the cleanser, then rinse. Pat dry with a towel before the next step.

2.Use a Toner. Toner is an important part of the skincare routine that many people miss. This product helps to remove any excess dirt or oils from the skin after cleansing. Besides, it provides it with nutrients and prepares the skin for the next steps, which are serum and your moisturizer.

Apply this product using a cotton ball or pad. Soak the toner in the cotton and then pat it all over your face and neck. The skincare line Drmtlgy offers a high-level toner, which customers seem to like. The Drmtlgy reviews seemed to speak well of the product.

3.Apply an Anti-Aging Serum or Anti-Wrinkle Cream. You should begin using anti-aging cream or serum in your 20s to slow the development of future wrinkles. Later in life, you’ll use it to get rid of wrinkles and firm the skin.

Apply the cream by taking some of the product onto your fingers and spreading it on your face and neck. Use a cotton pad to apply the serum and then wait for it to dry before the next step.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology concluded that anti-aging cream is effective at treating skin wrinkles and face moisturization.

4.Moisturize. Keeping your skin hydrated is essential for its overall health and should be a key part of your skincare routine. The moisture gets trapped under the skin barrier, preventing dryness and giving your skin volume. This can help smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

An article published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology examined the clinical benefits of a moisturizer and discussed the functional changes it causes. Choose a gentle moisturizer with ingredients backed by research.

Last Comments

The skin is open to all kinds of environmental stressors like dirt and the sun’s rays. That’s why you must implement a daily routine that ensures it stays healthy, clean, and hydrated. Taking good care of your skin is essential, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

For a quick and effective regimen, begin with a cleanser. Pat dry, and then apply a toner to remove the rest of the dirt and oils. Then use either serum or the best anti-wrinkle cream you can find to help hydrate the skin and remove signs of age like wrinkles and fine lines. Finally, apply a good moisturizer to prevent dryness and enrich the skin.

It’s important to do your research when searching for skin products. Look at the quality of the brand and the reputation of the manufacturer, the price, the allergens, and the customer reviews. For example, the Drmtlgy Reviews have some good things to say about these skin products, so this is probably a worthwhile brand.

It’s a good idea to go to a dermatologist before you try a new skincare product or line. You should make sure the item is suitable for you, and that it doesn’t have any products that you are allergic to. If you experience a reaction after using skincare, stop using the item immediately.

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Expert advice on how to
define & sculpt your brows

Monday, December 14th, 2020

Beauty salons are not always open when you are heading to a posh party and want perfectly defined and sculpted brows. So, if you learn how to define and sculpt your brows with brow powders, pencils, and gels you can create picture perfect eyebrows at home. That said if you do not employ the correct technique and expert tips when using eyebrow products, your brows will end up being “painted on” versions that look unnatural.

We have pro tips you can use to get perfectly colored, defined, and sculpted brows. Also, we have information that will help you get the right eyebrow products and kit for applying them. So, keep reading if you want to leave asymmetric, dull eyebrows behind and get Instagram worthy brows that you can flaunt at a party.

Why is defining and sculpting brows important?
You might think that your eyebrow shape cannot be improved once it has been tweezed or threaded by an expert. This is where you and most people are wrong as you can use the right eyebrow powder, pencils, and gels to sculpt and define your brows, and ensure they stand out and not fade into the background.

Invest in the right eyebrow kit
Buying the right eyebrow shapers, tweezers, angled tip brushes, spoolie, and brow scissors are essential. With the right products you can easily trim eyebrows, remove a stray hair within seconds and apply eyebrow powder without making mistakes.

Get the right eyebrow powder color

Experts know that using the wrong color of eyebrow powder is courting a disastrous outcome, and so they use these tips to find the right one.

Finding an eyebrow powder based on skin tone

  • Dark skin comes in various shades, so an eyebrow powder dark brown or an option that is about 1-2 shades lighter is perfect for such people.
  • An eyebrow powder medium brown is suitable for those with olive toned skin as it delivers a striking natural finish.
  • People who have light skin with a pink tone should choose a light brown eyebrow powder, or eyebrow powder putty with an ashy tint.

  • Finding an eyebrow powder based on hair color

  • Brown haired people can choose an eyebrow powder that is one or two shades lighter when compared their hair. In case they have reddish highlights in their hair they can use eyebrow powder auburn as it has a red tint.
  • For those who have black hair, choosing a color that is either 1 or 2 shades lighter and similar to eyebrow powder soft jet black is ideal.
  • Blondes have hair in various shades so experts suggest that they pick eyebrow powder putty which has an ashy tone or use an eyebrow powder dark blonde.
  • People who have mature hair that is graying should choose an eyebrow powder moonstone that has a metallic shine or an eyebrow powder soft charcoal which provides a soft natural finish.
  • Red heads should ideally choose an eyebrow powder in blonde or a color that has a hint of gold in it.

  • How to define eyebrows and sculpt them with brow powder

    Ensure your brows are trimmed
    Use tweezers or a precision brow scissors to remove stray hairs, as this will reduce the need for making corrections when adding eyebrow powder.

    Brush a spoolie through your brows
    Brush a spoolie through your brows and ensure that loose hairs are removed and your eyebrows are flowing upwards.

    Find your ideal brow shape
    Eyebrows are never perfectly symmetrical so you might find that one is slightly shorter or shaped differently compared to the other. So, you need to measure and find your ideal brow shape using the steps mentioned below. Then you can go ahead and define and sculpt your brows, until they match the latest trend that you love.

  • Position a long pencil/brush vertically at side of your nostril. At the point where the pencil touches the brow mark it as the start.
  • Place the pencil at a 45-degree angle with the stem touching the side of your nostril. Then mark the position where the pencil meets our brow as the end of the tail.
  • While looking in the mirror ensure that the stem is passing through the outer edge of the iris. Where the pencil meets your brow, mark the position as the high point of the arch.
  • Cover your brows with a primer
    Once you know the shape and style that you want for your brows you can proceed to use a primer pencil and coat the area. The coat of primer will ensure that pencil strokes and powder adhere to the skin and hair in the area.

    Use a pencil to define your brow
    With a sculpting eyebrow pencil draw short fine lines that are similar to hair, and use them to extend the tail and add definition to the arch. The sharp point of the brow pencil will allow you to easily shape areas along our brows and draw hairs to make them appear fuller.

    Apply one or two shades of eyebrow powder
    Using eyebrow powder and an angled tip brush draw a line at the top and bottom of each brow and then fill the space in between. Powder gives brows a natural finish while a pencil is harsher. While applying powder, you can soften the strokes of the eyebrow pencil. If you use two shades of powder, apply a lighter shade at the edges of your brows and use a darker in the middle. Then brush a spoolie through your brows to spread the powder.

    Give your brows a coat of gel
    Coating your brows with a clear or tinted eyebrow sculpting gel will ensure that the powder does not flake off. Also, the gel acts as a finisher and will ensure that your brows remain styled and set in place all day. In case you use a tinted fiber brow gel, fibers will adhere to individual hairs. As a result, your brows will instantly volumize and sparse areas will be covered up and appear filled.

    Use a highlighter and concealer to sculpt your brows
    With the aid of a 2-in-1 brow definer that contains a universal concealer on one end and highlighter on the other you can sculpt your brows and draw attention to them. The concealer end should be used along the arch and the tail to sharpen these areas around your brow and then the lines should be blended. With the concealer you can also cover up dark circles under your eyes. Using the eyebrow highlighter, you can add lines above and below your brows, and these should start from the arch and end at the tail. After blending the lines of the highlighter your brows will look naturally “lifted” and your face will appear younger, while your eyes will look bigger.
    Savarnas Mantra® creates a range of eyebrow powders in trendy colors, along with clear and tinted brow gels. Our powders, pencils and gels are the perfect choice if you want to apply brow makeup with ease and sculpt and define your eyebrows.

    Author: Savarnas Mantra
    Web URL:


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    Fairy Shimmerhair Event
    November 13th in Jacksonville, FL

    Thursday, November 5th, 2020

    The hottest new hair trend!

    If you haven’t tried fairy hair by now, you’ve probably heard of this popular trend. We all remember how Beyoncé glistened at the 2010 Grammy Awards and in 2019 not only did Saoirse Ronan dazzle on the red carpet for the 2019 Govenors Award, but Kacey Musgraves rocked a tinsel ponytail during her 2019 tour with the help from hairstylist Giovanni Delgado.

    Fairy Shimmerhair™ Extensions are delicate, silky, shimmering fairy hair extensions which tie onto one strand of hair. They last until that strand of hair falls out naturally. You can wash them, brush them, comb them, color them, curl them, straighten them, blow them dry, and get a haircut with them in!

    This is your chance to try fairy hair for yourself! Fairy Shimmerhair Extensions will be having an event on Friday, November 13th in Jacksonville, Florida. The event will take place at Lilly Pulitzer in the St. Johns Town Center. We offer a full range of fairy hair colors for a customizable look so what are you waiting for?

    For more info, visit

    Event location:
    Lilly Pulitzer
    4812 River City Drive, Suite 101
    Jacksonville, FL

    Event time:
    12PM – 4PM

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    Ulta – Maybelline

    Wednesday, January 29th, 2020


    Beauty Experts will be introducing Ulta customers to the new Maybelline products. This event will be taking place at select Ulta stores on 2/1, 2, 2/8 and 2/9 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Please join us in learning about and demonstrating The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara, Brow Fast Sculpt Eyebrow Gel Mascara, Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush, Dream Radiant Liquid Hydrating Foundation and Color Sensational Lipstick. Also, while supplies last, samples and $2.00 of coupons will be handed out. Check below to see if we will be in your area.




    Feb 1st                                                                        Feb 2nd

     AZ Phoenix – Ulta #35  AZ Chandler – Ulta #99
     AZ Peoria – Ulta #47  CA Los Angeles – Ulta #748
     AZ Gilbert – Ulta #354  CA Compton – Ulta #798
     AZ Gilbert – Ulta #183  CA Downey – Ulta #1054
     AZ Avondale – Ulta #1132   CA Pico Rivera – Ulta #1446
     AZ Tucson – Ulta #170  CA City of Industry – Ulta #775
     CA Culver City – Ulta #562  CA La Habra – Ulta #1107
     CA Redondo Beach – Ulta #457  CA Pasadena – Ulta #143
     CA Lakewood – Ulta #730  CA Upland – Ulta #174
     CA Southgate – Ulta #686  CA Glendora – Ulta #452
     CA Whittier – Ulta #1249  CA East vale – Ulta #663
     CA Anaheim – Ulta #1087  CA Chula Vista – Ulta #1114
     CA Rosemead – Ulta #1110  CA Carlsbad – Ulta #132
     CA Rancho Cucamonga – Ulta #158  CA San Diego – Ulta #358
     CA West Covina – Ulta #1035  CA Redlands – Ulta #792
     CA Ontario – Ulta #1280  CA Riverside – Ulta #1153
     CA San Ysidro – Ulta #614  CA Menifee – Ulta #1049
     CA Oceanside – Ulta #135  CA Orange – Ulta #1206
     CA San Diego – Ulta #588  CA Costa Mesa – Ulta #1118
      CA Rialto – Ulta #1353  CA Fresno – Ulta #286
     CA Moreno Valley – Ulta #697  CA San Jose – Ulta #796
     CA Temucula – Ulta #1131  CA Citrus Heights – Ulta #124
     CA Irvine – Ulta #736  DE Wilmington – Ulta #86
     CA Huntington Beach – Ulta #166  FL Winter Garden – Ulta #229
     CA Clovis – Ulta #635  NV Las Vegas – Ulta #1117
     CA San Jose – Ulta #279  NJ Clifton – Ulta #623
     CA Roseville – Ulta #103  NY New York – Ulta #1402
     CO Denver – Ulta #70  NY Bronx – Ulta #1039
     CO Westminster – Ulta #789  NY Rego Park – Ulta #483
     CO Lakewood – Ulta #95  NY Garden City – Ulta #544
     CO Colorado Springs – Ulta #133  NY Bay Shore – Ulta #714
     FL Orlando – Ulta #152  NY Patchogue – Ulta #66
     FL Kissimmee – Ulta #335  OR Beaverton – Ulta #188
     FL Pembroke Pines – Ulta #161
     FL Miami – Ulta #160 Feb 8th
     GA Snellville – Ulta #78  AZ N. Scottsdale – Ulta #77
     ID Meridian – Ulta #1269  AZ Phoenix – Ulta #184
     IL Tinley Park – Ulta #210  AZ Tempe – Ulta #185
     IL Schaumburg – Ulta #1540  AZ Phoenix – Ulta #434
     IL Wheaton – Ulta #8  AZ Goodyear – Ulta #157
     IL River Forest – Ulta #400  AZ Tucson – Ulta #199
     IL Bolingbrook – Ulta #269  CA San Marcos – Ulta #244
     IL Chicago – Ulta #1287  CA Fresno – Ulta #1322
     IL Chicago – Ulta #121  CA Escondido – Ulta #1276
     MD Annapolis – Ulta #367  CO Aurora – Ulta #1027
     MD Hanover – Ulta #1533  CO Westminster – Ulta #540
     NV Henderson – Ulta #1191  CO Littleton – Ulta #429
     NV Las Vegas – Ulta #301  CO Colorado Springs – Ulta #779
     NV Las Vegas – Ulta #1254  DE Christiana – Ulta #1036
     NV Reno – Ulta #1167  FL Davie – Ulta #581
      NH Nashua – Ulta #495  FL Orlando – Ulta #706
     NJ Maywood – Ulta #399  FL Orlando – Ulta #488
     NM Albuquerque – Ulta #707  FL Miami – Ulta #1077
      NY Staten Island – Ulta #1432  GA Buford – Ulta #80
     NY Yonkers – Ulta #1379  ID Boise – Ulta #574
     NY Queens – Ulta #718  IL Arlington Heights – Ulta #1225
     NY Levittown – Ulta #54  IL Naperville – Ulta #90
     NY Massapequa Park – Ulta #694  IL Chicago – Ulta #40
     NY Lake Grove – Ulta #55  IL Oak Brook – Ulta #62
     OR Beaverton – Ulta #493  IL Orland Park – Ulta #7
     OR Gresham – Ulta #322  IL Chicago – Ulta #1357
     PA Fairless Hills – Ulta #84  IL Evergreen Park – Ulta #1265
     TN Nashville – Ulta #722  MD Gabrills – Ulta #602
     TX Denton – Ulta #446  MD Columbia – Ulta #235
     TX Frisco – Ulta #1126  MI Shelby Township – Ulta #505
     TX Garland – Ulta #491  MI Rockester Hills – Ulta #351
     TX Irving – Ulta #402  NV Las Vegas – Ulta #100
     TX Plano – Ulta #586  NV Las Vegas – Ulta #757
     TX Dallas – Ulta #397  NV Las Vegas – Ulta #227
     TX Arlington – Ulta #205  NV Farks – Ulta #203
     TX Burleson – Ulta #179  NH Manchester – Ulta #450
     TX Fort Worth – Ulta #82  NJ Wayne – Ulta #1197
     TX Houston – Ulta #1217  NM Albuquerque – Ulta #436
     TX Houston – Ulta #1239  OR Tualatin – Ulta #258
     TX Houston – Ulta #618  OR Portland – Ulta #612
     TX Houston – Ulta #150  PA Philadelphia – Ulta #1390
     TX Houston – Ulta #651  TN Franklin – Ulta #1150
      TX The Woodlands – Ulta #1473  TX Flower Mound – Ulta #275
     TX Houston – Ulta #93  TX Frisco – Ulta #98
     TX Pasadena – Ulta #536  TX Mesquite – Ulta #1383
     TX New Braunfels – Ulta #652  TX Southlake – Ulta #92
     TX San Antonio – Ulta #1066  TX Dallas – Ulta #187
     TX San Antonio – Ulta #388  TX Dallas – Ulta #42
     TX San Antonio – Ulta #1047  TX Arlington – Ulta #557
     TX Edinburg – Ulta #1164  TX Mansfield – Ulta #740
     TX Austin – Ulta #75  TX Fort Worth – Ulta #305
     TX Austin – Ulta #374  TX Houston – Ulta #403
     TX Odessa – Ulta #494  TX Humble – Ulta #83
     TX El Paso – Ulta #302  TX Houston – Ulta #149
     UT Riverdale – Ulta #371  TX Spring – Ulta #1242
     UT Salt Lake City – Ulta #1056  TX Cypress – Ulta #1140
     VA Manassas – Ulta #766  TX Conroe – Ulta #259
     VA Woodbridge – Ulta #629  TX Richmond – Ulta #567
     WA Vancouver – Ulta #233  TX Webster – Ulta #1574
     TX San Marcos – Ulta #476
     TX San Antonio – Ulta #361
     TX San Antonio – Ulta #216
     TX San Antonio – Ulta #307
     TX McAllen – Ulta #1374
     TX Round Rock – Ulta #91
     TX Austin – Ulta #271
     TX Midland – Ulta #317
     TX El Paso – Ulta #546
     UT Farmington – Ulta #455
     UT Sandy – Ulta #266
     VA Fairfax – Ulta #239
     VA Fringfield – Ulta #142
     WA Vancouver – Ulta #769


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    Ulta – Garnier

    Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

    During the month of January Beauty Experts will be introducing Ulta customers to the new products from Garnier SkinActive. This event will be taking place at select Ulta stores on 1/11, 1/12, 1/18 and 1/19 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Please join us in learning about and demonstrating Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Water, Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water, Soothing Cream 24H Moisturizer with Rose Water and Water Rose 24H Moisture Gel and Cream.. Also, while supplies last, stickers and $1.00 of coupons will be handed out. Check below to see if we will be in your area.

     1/11/2019                                                                                                 1/18/2019

      AZ Chandler-  AZ Gilbert-Ulta #354   AZ Gilbert-Ulta #354
      AZ Tempe-  AZ Peoria-Ulta #159   AZ Peoria-Ulta #159
      AZ Peoria-  CA Costa Mesa-Ulta #1118   CA Costa Mesa-Ulta #1118
      AZ Chandler-  CA Emeryville-Ulta #1007   CA Emeryville-Ulta #1007
      CA La Quinta-  CA Fresno-Ulta #286   CA Fresno-Ulta #286
      CA West Hollywood-  CA Long Beach-Ulta #1455   CA Long Beach-Ulta #1455
      CA Downey-  CA Long Beach-Ulta #597   CA Long Beach-Ulta #597
      CA Whittier-  CA Los Angeles-Ulta #748   CA Los Angeles-Ulta #748
      CA Lakewood-  CA Rancho Cucamonga-Ulta #158   CA Rancho Cucamonga-Ulta #158
      CA Seal Beach-  CA Riverside-Ulta #1153   CA Riverside-Ulta #1153
      CA Pasadena-  CA Rosemead-Ulta #1110   CA Rosemead-Ulta #1110
      CA Northridge-  CA Sacramento-Ulta #1119   CA Sacramento-Ulta #1119
      CA Ontario-  CA San Diego-Ulta #358   CA San Diego-Ulta #358
      CA Glendora-  CA San Marcos-Ulta #244   CA San Marcos-Ulta #244
      CA Escondido-  CA Southgate-Ulta #686   CA Southgate-Ulta #686
      CA San Diego-  CA Tustin-Ulta #208   CA Tustin-Ulta #208
      CA Corona-  CA West Covina-Ulta #1035   CA West Covina-Ulta #1035
      CA Orange-  CA West Hills-Ulta #728   CA West Hills-Ulta #728
      CA Fresno-  CO Aurora-Ulta #1027   CO Aurora-Ulta #1027
      CA Alameda-  CO Westminster-Ulta #540   CO Westminster-Ulta #540
      CA Elk Grove-  CT Trumbull-Ulta #1510   CT Trumbull-Ulta #1510
      CA Palm Desert-  FL Aventura-Ulta #448   FL Aventura-Ulta #448
      CO University Hills-  FL Coral Springs-Ulta #576   FL Coral Springs-Ulta #576
      CO Lakewood-  FL Miami-Ulta #1077   FL Miami-Ulta #1077
      CT Milford-  FL Orlando-Ulta #706   FL Orlando-Ulta #706
      FL Deerfield Beach-  FL Pembroke Pines-Ulta #1373   FL Pembroke Pines-Ulta #1373
      FL Miami-  FL Wellington-Ulta #247   FL Wellington-Ulta #247
      FL N Miami Beach-  GA Alpharetta-Ulta #1308   GA Alpharetta-Ulta #1308
      FL West Palm Beach-  GA Dunwoody-Ulta #1151   GA Dunwoody-Ulta #1151
      GA Peachtree Corners-  GA Kennesaw-Ulta #25   GA Kennesaw-Ulta #25
      GA Smyrna-  GA Snellville-Ulta #78   GA Snellville-Ulta #78
      GA Atlanta-  IL Arlington Heights-Ulta #1225   IL Arlington Heights-Ulta #1225
      ID Meridian-  IL Chicago-Ulta #1357   IL Chicago-Ulta #1357
      ID Boise-  IL Chicago-Ulta #121   IL Chicago-Ulta #121
      IL Schaumburg-  IL Hodgkins-Ulta #12   IL Hodgkins-Ulta #12
      IL Skokie-  IN Indianapolis-Ulta #168   IN Indianapolis-Ulta #168
      IL Chicago-  IN Merrillville-Ulta #41   IN Merrillville-Ulta #41
      IL Chicago-  KY Lexington-Ulta #383   KY Lexington-Ulta #383
      IL Chicago-  KY Louisville-Ulta #1408   KY Louisville-Ulta #1408
      IN Highland-  KY Newport-Ulta #703   KY Newport-Ulta #703
      KY Louisville-  MD Hyattsville-Ulta #1339   MD Hyattsville-Ulta #1339
      KY Lexington-  MD Laurel-Ulta #1121   MD Laurel-Ulta #1121
      KY Florence-  MD Towson-Ulta #1305   MD Towson-Ulta #1305
      MD Elkridge-  MI Grand Rapids-Ulta #580   MI Grand Rapids-Ulta #580
      MD Baltimore-  MI Royal Oak-Ulta #658   MI Royal Oak-Ulta #658
      MI Farmington Hills-  MN Maple Grove-Ulta #136   MN Maple Grove-Ulta #136
      MN Coon Rapids-  NC Cary-Ulta #126   NC Cary-Ulta #126
      NV Las Vegas-  NC Charlotte-Ulta #147   NC Charlotte-Ulta #147
      NJ Garfield-  NC Concord-Ulta #1531   NC Concord-Ulta #1531
      NJ Clark-  NJ Clifton-Ulta #623   NJ Clifton-Ulta #623
      NJ Cherry Hill-  NJ Deptford-Ulta #732   NJ Deptford-Ulta #732
      NJ Marlton-  NJ Edgewater-Ulta #123   NJ Edgewater-Ulta #123
      NY Rego Park-  NJ Mt Laurel-Ulta #104   NJ Mt Laurel-Ulta #104
      NY Bay Shore-  NJ North Brunswick-Ulta #1467   NJ North Brunswick-Ulta #1467
      NY New York-  NV Lake Mead-Ulta #301   NV Lake Mead-Ulta #301
      NY Brooklyn-  NV Las Vegas-Ulta #100   NV Las Vegas-Ulta #100
      NC Raleigh-  NV Las Vegas-Ulta #1161   NV Las Vegas-Ulta #1161
      NC Charlotte-  NY Glendale-Ulta #718   NY Glendale-Ulta #718
      NC Charlotte-  NY Massapequa Park-Ulta #694   NY Massapequa Park-Ulta #694
      OH Columbus-  NY Staten Island-Ulta #1432   NY Staten Island-Ulta #1432
      OH Columbus-  OH Columbus-Ulta #424   OH Columbus-Ulta #424
      OH Cincinnati-  OH Mason-Ulta #341   OH Mason-Ulta #341
      OR Beaverton-  OH Upper Arlington-Ulta #1091   OH Upper Arlington-Ulta #1091
      OR Portland-  OR Beaverton-Ulta #493   OR Beaverton-Ulta #493
      PA Pittsburgh-  OR Portland-Ulta #1404   OR Portland-Ulta #1404
      PA Mechanicsburg-  PA Allentown-Ulta #369   PA Allentown-Ulta #369
      PA Allentown-  PA Pittsburgh-Ulta #484   PA Pittsburgh-Ulta #484
      TX Mesquite-  TX  Spring-Ulta #1242   TX  Spring-Ulta #1242
      TX Arlington-  TX Arlington-Ulta #557   TX Arlington-Ulta #557
      TX Houston-  TX Austin-Ulta #75   TX Austin-Ulta #75
      TX Houston-  TX Austin-Ulta #271   TX Austin-Ulta #271
      TX Houston-  TX Dallas-Ulta #397   TX Dallas-Ulta #397
      TX Houston-  TX Houston-Ulta #1217   TX Houston-Ulta #1217
      TX The Woodlands-  TX Houston-Ulta #618   TX Houston-Ulta #618
      TX –  TX Houston-Ulta #150   TX Houston-Ulta #150
      TX Webster-  TX Humble-Ulta #83   TX Humble-Ulta #83
      TX New Braunfels-  TX Mcallen-Ulta #1374   TX Mcallen-Ulta #1374
      TX San Antonio-  TX Pasadena-Ulta #536   TX Pasadena-Ulta #536
      TX San Antonio-  TX Richmond-Ulta #567   TX Richmond-Ulta #567
      TX Edinburg-  TX San Antonio-Ulta #307   TX San Antonio-Ulta #307
      TX Pflugerville-  TX San Marcos-Ulta #476   TX San Marcos-Ulta #476
      TX Austin-  UT Salt Lake City-Ulta #1056   UT Salt Lake City-Ulta #1056
      UT West Valley-  VA Arlington-Ulta #1398   VA Arlington-Ulta #1398
      VA Fairfax-  WA Federal Way-Ulta #1006   WA Federal Way-Ulta #1006
      VA Falls Church-  WA Renton-Ulta #1180   WA Renton-Ulta #1180
      VA Fairfax-  WI Glendale-Ulta #646   WI Glendale-Ulta #646
      WA Tukwila-
      WA Auburn-  1/19/2019
      WA Seattle-  CA La Habra-Ulta #1107   CA La Habra-Ulta #1107
      CO Colorado Springs-Ulta #133
     1/12/2019   FL Orlando-Ulta #152
      CA Huntington Beach-Ulta #1299   GA Buford-Ulta #80
      CO Colorado Springs-Ulta #779   IL Orland Park-Ulta #7
      CO Littleton-Ulta #429   IL Tinley Park-Ulta #210
      CO Westminster-Ulta #789   MI Grandville-Ulta #601
      FL Pembroke Pines-Ulta #161   NH Nashua-Ulta #495
      IL Skokie-Ulta #137   NV Henderson-Ulta #1191
      IN Noblesville-Ulta #315   NV Las Vegas-Ulta #1117
      MD Silver Spring-Ulta #154   WA Lynnwood-Ulta #180
      NH Manchester-Ulta #450   WI Greenfield-Ulta #1291
      NJ Maywood-Ulta #399   NJ Maywood
      NJ Wayne-Ulta #1197   NJ Wayne
      PA Harrisburg-Ulta #787   PA Harrisburg
      TX San Antonio-Ulta #216   TX San Antonio



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