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Fight Acne With Remedies Around The House

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Let’s be honest, acne is no easy obstacle to overcome, especially for teenagers. It’s expensive, tiresome, and at times, even painful. Everyone’s skin is different and our skin is a reflection of our internal health. Skin that glows for example, symbolizes proper hydration, and proper hydration allows our skin to prosper. For the majority of us, however, acne prevents our skin from reaching its full potential. This not only has the ability to damage skin, but it can also damage a child’s self-confidence. Although acne impacts over a million Americans each year, according to the American Academy, doctors are still unable to find a way to prevent breakouts from occurring.

Normally, acne is caused by bacteria, clogged-pores, oil glands, and dead skin. On the other hand, acne can also be influenced by dieting, medication, hormones, and even stress. With all these different possibilities, it’s no wonder why doctors haven’t found a solution yet. Acne in a way, can be caused by just about anything.

This, unfortunately, causes people to turn to harsh chemicals and medication which can make the case worse and may have a negative effect further down the line.

Before you consider giving up on your skin, here are five inexpensive ways to help minimize your chances of breaking out using everyday remedies right at home.


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Things To Be Aware Of

1. Avoid Eating Processed Food, and Stay Hydrated
That’s right, one of the simplest ways to avoid breaking out is by actually not eating what’s considered to be, junk food. In other words, avoid eating food that’s high in sugar, fat, and that is glycemic.

“What should I eat then?” you ask.

Well, instead of eating fast food, trying to eat fish, oysters, and probiotics. In addition to this, researchers have also found that drinking lots of water can help get rid of acne and prevent future breakouts. Drinking water is a good way to flush out those internal toxins and most importantly, it allows your skin to stay hydrated. This gives your body the ability to fight off infections.

2. Hands Off
The cheapest and most effective way to prevent unwanted pimples is by simply not touching your face. The Huffington Post, estimates that we touch our face anywhere from 2,000-3,000 times a day without even realizing it. With that being said, something as simple as picking up your cell phone, turning a doorknob, or even touching a handrail can cause us to come into contact with millions of germs. This means if you’re prone to acne, your skin is at risk. So you next time you touch your face, remember to wash. It might save your skin from breaking out.

3. At Home Remedies To Try
One thing a lot of skin care companies don’t tell you is that their products don’t work for everyone. Skin, like characteristics, are distinctive and unique. This means for some, your acne can’t be fixed by store bought products that promise overnight solutions. With that being said, if your skin is anything like mine, sometimes you have a slower approach and rely on home remedies to treat your acne on a case-by-case basis.

4. Wash Your Face Twice A Day, To Keep Acne Away
Did you know, throughout the course of the day your face is exposed to dirt, dust, makeup (for some) and, even sweat? This can result in clogged-pores which can lead to blackheads, whiteheads, red pustules, and papules. But as long as you cleanse your face twice a day, your skin won’t disappoint you.

5. Moisturize Your Skin
Your skin is your friend, so take care of it. Although not all over-the-counter skin care products are bad for you, a lot of them will dry your skin out; resulting in your skin peeling, and exposure to bacteria. The next time you’re out shopping for hygiene products, look for a lotion that has “non-comedogenic” on the label, which means it should not cause unwanted pimples.

Remember, don’t take your skin for granted, it protects us from bacteria, injuries and viruses. So take care of it.

Author Bio: Cody Hill
cody-hillGrowing up Cody loved reading, and exploring the wilderness to get out the house. Throughout his childhood, Cody always managed to get his hands on books and loved playing with animals. Now, as an adult, books are still apart of Cody’s life and he loves reading them.

Since Cody is a recent graduate from Boise State University, he unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of content published. Rather than stopping him, however, he’s used it as a motivational factor. Today, if you can’t find Cody online reading articles, you can catch him watching football (go Seahawks!) or chasing his dog, Bruno out in the park.

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6 Ways to Exfoliate to Remove Dull Complexion

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Exfoliation-ArticleDull skin and shallow complexion can snatch the glow from beautiful skin. This is the impact of dead skin cells that get accumulated just beneath the surface of the skin. The dull skin, however, is not very difficult to remove. There are many methods to brighten and freshen up the skin. Exfoliation is one of the best ways to brighten the skin by removing the dead cells. Exfoliation is rubbing the skin gently with different agents or methods to remove the oil, dirt, dead skins and other pollutants behind the skin. There are many effective methods to remove all these things from the skin but here are the 6 exfoliation methods that are extremely useful, helpful and impactful to brighten the skin.

1. Papaya Scrub
Papaya is one of the most beneficial beauty enhancing fruits found. Natural papaya scrub exfoliation can be very helpful. The gentle exfoliation of the skin releases an enzyme called papain from the Papaya. This is a great agent to clear oil, dirt and other agents from the skin. The enzyme can also add a natural glow to your skin. The impact of papaya exfoliation can be enhanced by adding a bit of honey.

2. Tomato Juice with Loofah
One may not consider tomato very important outside the kitchen. However, the significance of tomato is impeccable even for beauty. A dull complexion can be removed with tomato juice and gentle rubbing of the skin. Tomato bleaches the skin very gently and adds a sparkling glow to the skin as well. The lycopene in tomato can reduce marks, scars and acne as well. This is one of the best exfoliation methods.

Exfoliation-Article-23. Vitamin C Exfoliation Using a Washcloth
Exfoliate your skin gently with a washcloth using warm water. Vitamin C is one of the best agents for cleansing and brightening the skin. There are many natural Vitamin C agents that can be very helpful for exfoliating. Lemon is a great exfoliant for the skin. However, there are many other Vitamin C agents available that can also be helpful for the exfoliation method. They can remove dark spots from the skin very easily. Moreover, Vitamin C has the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can be even more helpful.

4. Aloe Vera Scrub With a Skin Care Brush
A skin care brush can be used to exfoliate your skin gently and slowly. Aloe vera is considered one of the best and most soothing agents that can be applied to the human skin. Aloe vera can very easily exfoliate the skin with a slow and gentle rub. It can be directly used, or the aloe vera juice can be used for exfoliation. Aloe vera has many properties that help you to get glowing skin. Dull complexions can be tackled very well with aloe vera. Aloe vera does not only remove the skin cells, oil, and dirt from the skin but also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties when used to exfoliate properly. It also has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties.

6 Natural Ways to Brighten Your Skin Complexion


5. Honey-Based Exfoliation with Cotton
Cotton is a good way to exfoliate the skin gently. There are many products that are anti-aging as well, and that can be used. The best anti-aging products contain honey and other natural ingredients. Exfoliating with honey-based products can be very effective for the skin. It is not only good for removing the dead cells from the skin; but also to achieve glowing and radiant skin. Honey can be great for your skin when used as an exfoliant. It softens and removes wrinkles.

6. Herbal Products Exfoliation
There are many herbal products available that are great for skin. Products that have been made with natural ingredients ensure that the dead cells are properly removed, and you achieve radiant skin. There are many products from trusted brands that can be used to exfoliate the skin.

Exfoliation involves gently scrubbing dead cells from skin. It is best to exfoliate two times each week. These are natural methods of removing the dull complexion of skin. However, other skin care regimens like moisturization should be followed for better results. There are different creams available for exfoliation that can be helpful as well.


Author Bio:
Sophie Addison is a popular blogger and skincare expert. She is very passionate about writing on skincare and beauty. She has posted articles on tips for fine lines under eyes, best eye creams, weight loss and fitness news. In recent years, she had the opportunity to research on Dermagist. Apart from work she likes gardening and listening music. You can also contact her on Facebook, and Pinterest.

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What Nobody Tells You About Wrinkles

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

With so many wrinkle care products available in the market these days, you are either intimidated by the sheer volume of choices made available to you by manufacturers or, you are an expert navigator — you know exactly what you want, what your aging skin needs, and which products can give you just that.

If you think you know everything there is to know about wrinkles, read on, and you’ll probably find out a thing or two about those pesky creases that you haven’t quite heard of before.

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Wrinkles

1. How you age, how fast you age and when you start to show signs of skin aging are all determined by your genes. However, even though your genes have already predetermined how wrinkled you’re going to get, these remain to be influenced by many other factors including photoaging, senescence, and even the appropriateness of anti-aging products like Derma Promedics to your skin.

2. Photoaging remains to be the factor that most influences skin aging. UV radiation is simply too powerful even for the best sunscreens to beat. In fact, no type nor brand of sunscreen will ever be capable of giving you 100% protection. So, prioritize avoiding the sun as much as you can. Employ other ways of keeping the sun out, including staying in the shade, using an umbrella, putting on a broad brimmed hat, getting a darker tint for your car windshield and windows, and putting on your fashion sunglasses.

3. Senescence. Wrinkles cannot be evaded, whether or not you inherited good genes that won’t make you age too soon. Even when you have oily skin, sooner or later, dryness will rule as a result of the body slowing down. Then, there will be less cellular activity and your skin exhibits more signs of skin aging. Healthier lifestyle choices, most especially eating a balanced diet and exercising often, will cause a significant delay in the onset of senescence.

4. Skin is not as easy to penetrate. No matter how convincing product marketing may sound, not all the beneficial ingredients infused in their formulation are able to penetrate skin deep where these can be useful. There are ingredients you do have to look for in your wrinkle creams like moisturizers, vitamin and peptides which Derma Promedics contains. Antioxidants will also do wonders for your skin. The ones that can penetrate your skin well are Vitamins B3, C and E.

5. Over washing can cause wrinkles. Just because clean and clear skin is the foundation of beautiful skin does not mean you are required to wash your face every top of the hour. At most, wash up to twice daily, and up to thrice if you have oily skin.

6. Harsh products can cause wrinkles. Inflammation is a major cause of skin aging. Irritation from alcohols, fragrance, colorants, preservatives and synthetic chemicals infused in almost every beauty and personal care product can damage your skin. It would be a waste if this happens because better alternatives are available.

7. Sleeping on your side or face down can cause wrinkles to form. Your sleeping position can become a major determinant of how and where your wrinkles develop. Sleep on your back so as not to let gravity work against your otherwise wrinkle-free face.

8. Expressive people are likely to form more wrinkles. Repeated and habitual facial expressions are a major cause of wrinkles. So, if you are expressive, you may want to relax your emotions a bit.

9. Your gadgets can cause your skin to wrinkle. Everyone is getting too much gadget time these days, and you probably are too. The blue light is a form of radiation. Reading onscreen and stooping down strains your eyes and even makes you squint. Gadgets can also be full of bacteria which you can easily transfer to your skin.

10. Makeup can make your wrinkles look worse. Makeup can seep into wrinkles, particularly when applied too thickly. So, stop covering up those wrinkles because the more you do, the more they show.

Whereas product advertising and marketing will have consumers believe wrinkles are easy as a breeze to prevent and to treat, well, not quite.

Can Wrinkle Creams Really Erase Wrinkles?

Author Bio:
Lisiana is a renowned independent researcher and is studying the impact of technology in the beauty industry. She is passionate about beauty, makeup, fashion and skincare industry. She holds a Ph.D. in beauty and thereby has been consistently sharing her experience by writing various articles related to makeup, beauty, fashion and skin care.

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7 Best Ways to Remove Acne Scars:
Follow These Rules

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Everyone in today’s world wants to have a smooth, flawless and youthful appearance. However the presence of acne scars on most people’s faces poses a challenge when it comes to getting flawless skin. Acne can be embarrassing and painful; the scars left behind leave most people feeling low about themselves. Although there are various skin care regimens that help get rid of acne scars, it is important to try and treat acne at its initial stage to prevent scars from forming. The following are rules you should consider to prevent acne scars.Skincare

1. Use Mild Cleansers
During the early stages of acne, it is important to treat your face with caution to prevent scarring. Always clean your face to get rid of any dirt, sweat and oil on your face. It is essential that you use cleansers with a pH of 5.5. Choose a cleanser that is recommended for your skin type and most favorable for acne-prone skin. Once you have identified your best cleanser, use it twice a day to clean your face. Use lukewarm water as it helps keep your skin moisturized. When cleaning your face, it is good to use your fingers to massage your face. Do not use sponges or cloths to exfoliate your face. This will irritate your skin.

2. Face Exfoliation
It is advisable to use a chemical exfoliant which has elements such as BHA or AHA to treat acne. Exfoliating your face unclogs your pores, gets rid of the dead skin cells and treats acne. It also goes a long way to smoothen the skin and reduces the visibility of acne marks on the face. People with acne should try to exfoliate their face often as this will help reduce the formation of scars on their skin.

3. Avoid Picking the Spots
When you realize spots are forming on your face, it is good not to scratch or pop them out as they will leave scars. It is also important to avoid touching your face with dirty hands as they will leave more bacteria on your face. Try to resist the temptation of picking the spots and let them fade on their own. Do not expose your face to dust or lean it against dirty objects. Make sure you change your bedding regularly, especially the pillow case as oil accumulation and bacterial growth contribute to acne.

4. Dietary Regime
A proper diet can help the functioning of your body which in turn encourages skin cell rejuvenation. It is vital to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. You should note that water helps flush out toxins and keeps the skin hydrated. It also makes the skin look plump, healthy and fresh. It is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Fruits and vegetables on the other hand give your body nutrients and vitamins required to keep your skin healthy. Consider eating plenty of spinach, broccoli, avocados, tomatoes and sweet potatoes as they are very vital for healthy skin.

5. Protect Your Skin from UV Rays
Ultraviolet rays stimulate the formation of pigment-producing cells which worsen the appearance of acne scars. Not only do UV rays worsen acne scars, but also lead to early aging, sun spots, formation of wrinkles and fine lines. It is important to keep your face protected by wearing a hat or using sunscreen products on your face. Buy sunscreen creams with a SPF higher than 30. They work best and protect the face from other skin conditions such as premature aging, and skin cancer.Protect-Your-Skin

6. Consider a Dermatologist

In case of acute acne or acne scars that are deep, it is important for one to visit a skin doctor for further checkup and treatment. It is crucial that you get prescribed medication such as fillers, laser treatment or chemical peels depending on how bad the acne is.

7. Best Products for Acne
Acne can be treated using various creams, gels, ointments, scrubs, moisturizers and cleansers. For you to get the best products for acne, you have to know the best elements required to clear the scars. Consider cortisone creams; they help to minimize inflammation and promote skin healing. You can also use a regimen with glycolic or salicylic acid. They are essential exfoliants that aid the skin in shedding its layers, surfacing the hyper pigmented skin and making it disappear completely. Skin products with retinoid also help treat skin conditions such as wrinkles, acne and skin discoloration.

Getting rid of acne scars is not a day’s event. It requires one to have patience and use the right regimen to help eliminate the scars. There are however, those with serious acne conditions that require serious treatment. It is important to take note of the mentioned guides to help prevent formation of acne scars and also reduce the spread of acne on the face.

For additional tips on how to get rid of acne scars, check out this video!

JazzAuthor Bio
Hi, my name is Jazz Pollard, born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois. I write on beauty, anti-aging and skincare. Living my dream career of writing. You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

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How to Use Essential Oils for Fine Lines
Under Eyes

Monday, July 18th, 2016

If you are looking to look amazing and hide the signs of aging, then you should consider using essential oils. As opposed to other anti-aging treatments, these work, not to mention they smell incredible. Apart from minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, essential oils will keep your skin hydrated. They will nourish the skin, without gathering into pores or causing other additional problems. Lavender oil

#1 Sandalwood oil
For those of you who have wrinkles and also suffer from dry skin, sandalwood oil represents the ideal choice. This particular type of essential oil can moisturize your skin and minimize the signs of aging at the same time. You can apply it on your skin with the help of a cotton ball, enjoying its beneficial properties. The best time to apply it is before going to bed, as it will hydrate and nourish the skin overnight. It can also stimulate the blood circulation in the area, guaranteeing a softer and smoother aspect of the skin.

#2 Myrrh oil
No one likes to wake up in the morning, only to see more wrinkles and fine lines under eyes. In such situations, a gentle massage with myrrh oil can be extremely helpful, smoothing out the skin and helping it regain its youthful aspect. Myrrh oil is also rich in antioxidants, its application on the skin reducing the oxidative damage done by UV rays. It is a known fact that the exposure to the sun leads to the production of free radicals at the level of the skin; these cause the structural matrix of the skin to break down, leading to premature aging. A daily massage with myrrh oil can protect you against all that.

#3 Grape seed oil
Speaking about essential oils with antioxidant properties, you have to give grapeseed oil a try. Rich in antioxidants, this essential oil can reduce the damage done by free radicals and eliminate toxins accumulated in your skin. Moreover, grape seed oil is rich in flavonoids, antioxidants which can bind collagen molecules and help the skin repair and rejuvenate itself. It is recommended to apply the grape seed oil for wrinkles around the eyes. Keep in mind that grape seed oil is also rich in vitamin E, being able to help the skin fight against the aging process (toxin removal as well).

#4 Lavender oil
From what you have read so far, it is clear that essential oils can help you maintain a beautiful and healthy-looking skin. Lavender oil is one of the most recommended choices, as it has highly efficient moisturizing properties. Upon being applied to the skin, it can also stimulate the blood circulation and bring more nutrients in the areas that need nourishment. Thus, the whole appearance of the skin is improved, and you will look amazing. You can perform a gentle massage with lavender oil, enjoying its delicious scent at the same time.

#5 Avocado oil
When it comes to essential oils for wrinkles and fine lines, avocado oil stands at the top of the list. It can stimulate the skin to regenerate itself, having amazing moisturizing properties at the same time. You can use avocado oil on your skin at any time, taking advantage of its rich content of vitamins and essential fatty acids. Keep in mind that avocado oil is also rich in vitamin E, which is known for its antioxidant properties (can reduce the damage done by free radicals). It is easily absorbed into the skin, being perfect for a relaxing massage. Women with dry skin can benefit from avocado oil massages, enjoy its nourishing properties.Avocado oil

These are only a couple of ways in which you can use various essential oils to improve the aspect of your skin. Apart from the essential oils that were already suggested in this article, you can also try the following: apricot kernel, sweet almond, rosehip seed, evening primrose and jojoba. Keep in mind that all of these essential oils are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, being able to smooth out the skin and make wrinkles & fine lines less visible. They are best used for a gentle massage, right before going to bed, hydrating and nourishing the skin at the same time.

Author Bio:
Sophie Addison is a popular blogger and skincare expert. She is very passionate about writing on skincare and beauty. She has posted articles on tips for fine lines under eyes, best eye creams, weight loss and fitness news. Apart from work she likes gardening and listening music. You can also contact her on Facebook, and Pinterest.


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