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Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

We’ve tried many different types of mascara that claimed to give the look of false eyelashes, and although they have worked very well we hadn’t encountered a formula that made our lashes look like falsies. Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions is the most extreme mascara we’ve tried to date, it truly thickens and extends your eyelashes to the point where they look fake. This mascara requires a little more work than you might be used to – first you put a microfiber basecoat on, let it dry, then apply the 2nd coat of black mascara. But the results are definitely worth it. And unlike false eyelashes, there isn’t much work to do to when you come home. Your regular facial soap and water will remove the formula. Tip: Put the white coat on your lashes, then work on the rest of your makeup, and then do the second coat last. Letting the first coat dry really does make a difference!

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