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Max Factor MAXeye Liner


Max Factor (Maximilian Faktorowicz) was one of the first movie set makeup artists in the 1920’s, and created a line of cosmetics that has flourished for over 100 years. However, MaxFactor will no longer be on U.S. store shelves starting January 2010.
To avoid the shipping costs of buying Max Factor from overseas, you should stock up now. One of our favorite must haves from Max Factor is the MAXeye Liner in shade 100 Night Club. No smoky eye is complete without a dark eyeliner, and with this one you get a true black with one stroke. This pigment rich eyeliner is also self sharpening; you don’t have to lug a sharpener around in your makeup bag. We will miss seeing Max Factor in stores in the U.S., but fortunately, it’s a top seller in countries such as the United Kingdom and Russia.

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“Max Factor MAXeye Liner”

  1. Garinan says:

    I agree!… i ve tried it and found it is more precise. I love the long haedlns they looks so much more dracula like. I just watched True Blood a vampire tv show so now i have a new appreciation for Ilamasquas packaging!The best illamsqua brush is the lip brush.. i use it for cream eye-shadows and pigments.. its fab! The worst ever eyeliner brush is Bobbi Browns! Its so thick and all the bristles stick out its a hot mess!! x

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