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Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream

erase2The winter months can be particularly difficult for those with eczema. We tried Mustela’s Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream, which is a fragrance, colorant, and paraben free moisturizer. It helps skin by restoring natural lipids and is fine to use in conjunction with eczema medication. One of our testers that suffer from eczema gave it a try and found it to be gentle and non-irritating as promised. However, it may be more appropriate to call this moisturizer a lotion instead of a cream because it’s not as thick as typical creams

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“Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream”

  1. Neisha Jo says:

    I might have to look into this cream. I have eczema flare ups when I’m stressed and I have a couple of patches on my middle back that I haven’t been able to get rid of. I think I would prefer a more lotion-like consistency to make it easier to spread on my back.

  2. Neisha Jo says:

    Question-How long did your tester use it? And how severe is his/her eczema?

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for asking – two weeks

  4. Mary W says:

    My son has the worst eczema anyone has ever seen. Nothing really works but we are always willing to try something new with the hope of a scientific breakthrough.

  5. Liz says:

    I am a fan of fragrance free products!

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