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St. Ives Natural Soothing Body Lotion

eraseIf you have very sensitive skin, you’ve probably already discovered that oatmeal is a great soothing ingredient. We tried St. Ive’s Natural Soothing Body Lotion since not only does it contain oatmeal, it also has shea butter (a must for dry skin). This is probably one of the richest lotions available on the market. If you prefer thicker creams or body butter, this may still be worth a try. We really liked this formula – the lotion moisturized well and it didn’t irritate at all. The scent is fairly unisex. Although this lotion doesn’t have a nice perfume-like fragrance as other lotions that are more so marketed to women, we recognize that this is probably what also makes it so perfect for sensitive skin.

Tip: If you have very sensitive skin, try also buying detergent and fabric softener formulated for sensitive skin. With so much contact with your skin, clothes can also be a source of irritation.  

5 Responses to:

“St. Ives Natural Soothing Body Lotion”

  1. Cindy G says:

    Oatmeal is soothing for itchy skin and shea is great for dry skin. I like using a thicker lotion for night time.

  2. maraina b says:

    I absolutely love this lotion. Keeps my dry skin super moisturized all day long!

  3. Liz says:

    I haven’t tried this lotion. I used to LOVE this brand of lotion, though.

  4. Jacqueline P. says:

    I use this lotion on my Daughter all the time! She has super dry skin, perhaps eczema but we won’t know til she see’s the dermatologist. So far this is BY FAR the best lotion for extremely dry skin, the smell gives it a plus too, just enough but not too much. Also, the oatmeal and shea butter helps maintain the moisture and smoothness longer.

  5. Izzi says:

    This is my all time favorite lotion(Suave is right behind)It really does what the description says it does.5 out of 5-easy.

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