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Seventh Generation Lavender Moisturizing Lotion

erase2If you like natural products you’re probably already familiar with the Seventh Generation brand, which now has personal care products. We tried their Lavender Moisturizing Lotion which is 95% plant based. This lotion has a nice consistency and moisturizes well. If you apply a lot it can feel a bit heavy, but we love the idea of using a moisturizer without all the chemicals.

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“Seventh Generation Lavender Moisturizing Lotion”

  1. Janice Ivy says:

    I haven’t tried it but would love to sample it. I use seventh generation household product.

  2. Davon says:

    I need a good heavy moisturizer. I always have dry hands even after I moisturizer. This would be a great product to try to see how well it works!!

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