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One ‘n Only Brazilian Tech Treatment with Pequi Oil

laA lot hair of products seem to have keratin now. We tried One ‘n Only Brazilian Tech Treatment with Pequi Oil. This contains keratin and pequi oil to eliminate frizz and condition hair. It’s a clear serum and you can smooth it on your hair before styling. We thought this product was amazing for softening and conditioning the hair. However, it has a pretty greasy texture so use it sparingly. Since it’s pretty heavy, we don’t recommend this for fine hair or if you have springy curls that get weighed down easily.

Tip: Frizzy hair? Do your best to not touch your hair throughout the day. The oils from your fingers only make matters worse.

2 Responses to:

“One ‘n Only Brazilian Tech Treatment with Pequi Oil”

  1. Liz says:

    Hm… it does contain a lot of silicones, but I have do have thick, textured hair. Sounds great.

  2. Angel says:

    I used it a dime’s worth and my hair looks like i haven’t washed it in two weeks it looks very oily and wet.

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