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Dark and Lovely 6 Week Anti-Reversion Cream Serum

erase2There is a lot of attention on how to care for natural curls. However, there are still great new product being offered for relaxed hair. For instance, Dark and Lovely just came out with their 6 Week Anti-Reversion Cream Serum, which ‘prevents curls, kinks, and waves for up to 6 weeks in-between relaxing’. This product essentially works by blocking humidity, so however you heat styled your hair is how it will stay! We thought this product was effective and also let a tester try it with natural hair. Interestingly, it was more impactful as a product to prevent frizz on natural curls than on heat styled relaxed hair. Either way, it’s a pretty neat product. But the results aren’t quite as dramatic as what you see on the front of the box. It lessens the effect of humidity but doesn’t completely stop it.  As long as your hair isn’t fine or thin, those with out of control frizz can benefit from this product regardless of ethnicity.

Tip: When you use relaxers blow drying AND flat ironing your hair is overkill. Try wrapping your hair and then using an old-fashioned hood dryer to dry your hair, then flat ironing for extra polish (with heat protectant spray of course).

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“Dark and Lovely 6 Week Anti-Reversion Cream Serum”

  1. Liz says:

    I have a relaxer and I do use a hood dryer once a week. I completely agree that the relaxer is enough on the hair without adding daily heat styling into the equation.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Thanks for being on point and on taretg!

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