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100% Pure Pigmented Mascara

eraseLooking for a vegan cosmetics company? Check out 100% Pure, a relatively new company that makes vegan cosmetics, skin care, and hair products. And of course, there is no animal testing. We tried their 100% Pure Pigmented Mascara, which conditions and tints your lashes with real berry pigments and black tea. This mascara gives a really natural finish with absolutely no clumps at all. Its strength isn’t really with thickening your lashes, but you get decent lengthening. Here’s what’s interesting: you may not have realized how irritating your mascara is on your eyes until you try this product. It’s great for sensitive eyes and washes away easily with soap and water. In sum, 100% Pure Pigmented Mascara is perfect for everyday, but you’ll want more if you like drama. But after trying such an excellent product that is without chemicals, animal products, or animal testing, we wonder why all cosmetics companies don’t follow suit. Hopefully products like 100% Pure’s will become the norm instead of the exception.

3 Responses to:

“100% Pure Pigmented Mascara”

  1. Liz says:

    I’ve never tried any of their products, but this sounds nice. I like a natural look for everyday; I’m not a fan of my mascara looking like mascara, if you know what I mean.

  2. Janice says:

    Never tired this, I going to get this and see how it works

  3. Nicole says:

    The person who wrote the review for this prod cut is confused about what denotes a product as vegan. This mascara is not vegan. This company does not say it makes vegan products, it says it is cruelty free. The ingredients lists honey beeswax as an ingredient and that is not vegan. The review for this product and this company is misleading and if they are going to tell people that a product or a company is vegan, then they need to do their homework.

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