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Favorites Friday! Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sallly-MiracleThis week’s Favorites Friday feature is Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish. We’ve been wanting to try this for a while to see if it lives up to it’s “miracle” claims.

The product promises 14 days of color and shine with no light needed. Since the other gel kits with the LED light are a bit more of a procedure, the Miracle Gel is an enticing option. You can purchase the nail color and the top coat for around $10 each, or the duo pack for about $16 at your local drugstore.

After applying the color and top coat, we did notice more of a gel-like finish than most of our other “regular” nail polishes. The finish is a bit smoother as well. The two application steps were super easy, and the result flawless. Now, as the product promises up to 14 days of color and shine, let us admit that the glossy manicure did start to chip before the 14 days were up. It definitely lasts longer than the average polish, but there is an advantage to the longer lasting gel that requires the light.

Overall, a great product for the low price point compared to an gel kit with an LED, and much less of a hassle. Check out our Facebook page to leave your own review!

2 Responses to:

“Favorites Friday! Sally Hansen Miracle Gel”

  1. Liz says:

    I have yet to try one of these gel or gel-type manis. I get about a week to ten days of wear out of my regular manis and that’s suited me fine, but I’d like to try this.

  2. admin says:

    Liz you should definitely try it! I’d recommend getting the duo pack since it is a better deal and comes with the top coat. Ten days is great for a regular mani, sounds like you’d be a great candidate for the Miracle Gel – yours may even last longer than two weeks! Let us know how you like it by posting on our Facebook page.

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