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Fairy Shimmerhair Event
November 13th in Jacksonville, FL

The hottest new hair trend!

If you haven’t tried fairy hair by now, you’ve probably heard of this popular trend. We all remember how Beyoncé glistened at the 2010 Grammy Awards and in 2019 not only did Saoirse Ronan dazzle on the red carpet for the 2019 Govenors Award, but Kacey Musgraves rocked a tinsel ponytail during her 2019 tour with the help from hairstylist Giovanni Delgado.

Fairy Shimmerhair™ Extensions are delicate, silky, shimmering fairy hair extensions which tie onto one strand of hair. They last until that strand of hair falls out naturally. You can wash them, brush them, comb them, color them, curl them, straighten them, blow them dry, and get a haircut with them in!

This is your chance to try fairy hair for yourself! Fairy Shimmerhair Extensions will be having an event on Friday, November 13th in Jacksonville, Florida. The event will take place at Lilly Pulitzer in the St. Johns Town Center. We offer a full range of fairy hair colors for a customizable look so what are you waiting for?

For more info, visit

Event location:
Lilly Pulitzer
4812 River City Drive, Suite 101
Jacksonville, FL

Event time:
12PM – 4PM

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“Fairy Shimmerhair Event
November 13th in Jacksonville, FL”

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