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Elan Veda Elan Skin Renue and Elan Healthy Hair

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

We just discovered a company called Elan Veda that makes holistic beauty products which are based on Ayurveda. Ayurveda originated in India and aims to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. We tried two of their products, Elan Skin Renue and Elan Healthy Hair. Elan Skin Renue contains a unique blend of essential oils and is said to improve radiance and minimize wrinkles. It can also be used under makeup. While this product wasn’t greasy at all (a huge feat for an oil-based product) we wouldn’t recommend this for someone who has acne or very oily skin. This really softens your skin and our favorite way to use this was to combine with our favorite moisturizer. If you have a moisturizer that’s not quite doing the job anymore with the cold weather, using this oil could give it a much needed boost. The oils in the Elan Veda product line are bottled in Miron Violet glass which provides a great barrier against detrimental elements – so the oil quality is always preserved. We also tried Elan Healthy Hair, which is a supplement that is said to naturally eliminate factors in the body that inhibit hair growth while promoting vibrant, thicker hair. You take two of these a day and there is a 30 day supply. We tried a 2 week stint on these vitamins and discovered it was great for nails too! Since a difference in hair takes a lot longer to see we are going to continue with the Healthy Hair supplements as we’re encouraged by the results so far. If you would like more information about Elan Veda, check out their website at .

Update 3/5/2012: Elan Veda is now up for a Total Beauty award!  You can vote at:

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